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Aellora Digital Introduces SureFire 65 Print Engines


Aellora Digital, a MARKEM company, has introduced its new SureFire 65 Digital Print Engine for piezo drop-on-demand (DOD) ink jet printing. The SureFire 65 is a fully integrated industrial ink jet print engine for jetting solvent-less, hybrid UV-curable white or color inks, including process and spot colors.
The SureFire 65 prints high resolution images on a wide variety of materials for high productivity in a variety of configurations. It can be configured for mono-color or multi-color printing and can easily be integrated to handle small and large format applications.
“The SureFire 65 is an extremely versatile unit that prints a true 600x600 dpi image at up to 300 square feet per hour,” said Mario Carluccio, business development manager for Aellora.
The SureFire was developed for use with Aellora’s hybrid UV-curable inks. These inks exhibit high viscosity characteristics at room temperature, but liquefy at elevated temperatures so when the ink drops hit the substrate at room temperature, they immediately “freeze” in position. Unlike traditional ink jet inks, the drop size stays true. Therefore, high resolution images, text and barcodes are possible on the widest variety of substrates, including many papers, plastics, untreated glass, metals and ceramics.