Adhesion Promoters Alcohols
Alum Compounds Anti-Blocking Agent
Anti-Floating Agent Anti-Flooding Agent
Anti-Foam Compounds Anti-Misting Compounds
Anti-Offset Compounds Anti-Pinhole Compounds
Anti-Setoff Compounds Anti-Setting Agents
Anti-Skinning Agents Anti-Slip Agents
Anti-Static Agents Bodying Agents
Carboxy-methylcellulose Chelating Agents
Cleaners Corrosion Inhibitors
Coupling Agents Cream Of Tartar
Cross Linkers Defoamers
Dimer Acid Dispersing Aids
Driers Driers, Fountain Additives
Emulsifiers Epoxy Curing Agents
Ethyl Cellulose Fatty Acids
Fixing Agents Flow Improvers
Fluorescent Whiteners Fumaric Acid
Gelling Agents Gilsonite
Gloss Control Additives Glycine
Glycols Greases
Gums Humectants
Ink Conditioners Ink Oils
Lampblack Lanolin
Lecithin Light Stabilizers
Mineral Oil Monomers
Nepheline Syenite Nigrosine
Nitrocellulose And Solutions Nitrocellulose Extenders
Non-Misting Compounds Non-Rub Compounds
Non-Scratch Compounds Non-Scumming Compounds
Oleates, Dye Oleic Acid
Oligomers, UV Curing Organoclays
Overcoatings, Aqueous Overcoatings, Powder
Pentaerythritol Petrolatum
Plasticizers Polybutenes
Polyethylene Polyethylene, Dispersed
Polymers Polyvinyl Butyral
Preservatives Radiation Curing Agents
Rheological Additives Scuff Protectants
Silica, Fumed Silica, Precipitated
Solubilizers Solvents, Fast Acting, Aliphatic/Aro
Solvents, Fast Evaporating, Chemical Solvents, Slow Evap., Aliphatic/Arom
Spermaceti, Synthetic Starch
Stearates, Metallic Stearates, Non-Metallic
Surfactants Suspending Agents
Tack Controlling Compounds Tall Oil
Tartaric Acid Thixotropic Agents
Transfer Aids Turpentine
Ultraviolet Absorbers Water Pick-Up
Wetting Agents White Mineral Oil
Zinc Oxide

Equipment And Services

Laboratory Equipment

Color Chips, Books Color Coordination Systems
Color Dispensing Equipment Color Formulation, Computer
Color Matching Cabinets Color Matching Systems
Color Measuring Instruments Computer Software Devices
Densitometers Densitometers, Computerized
Drawdown Sheets Drying Testers
Emulsification Testers Ink Proofing Kits
Knives Laboratory Equipment
Lighting Equipment Proof Presses, Flexo, Gravure
Proof Presses, Letterpress, Offset Rheometers
Rub Testers Scales
Tack Measuring Instruments Tensiometers
Testing Instruments Testing Supplies
Varnish Kettles Viscometers

Production Equipment

Attritors Bag-Emptying Machines
Batch Cans Blenders (Pigments, Dyes)
Computerized Dispensing Systems Computerized Manufacturing Systems
Containers Conveying Systems
Dispersers, High Shear Impeller Dispersers/High Shear, Non-Impeller
Drums Drying Stimulators
Drying/Curing Equipment Dust-Control Systems
Filling Machinery Filter Bags
Filter Cartridges Filter Presses
Filter Vessels Flushers
Grinding Bases And Liquids Grinding Media, Ball And Pebble
Grinding Media, Media And Shot Impellers
Ink Dispensers Machinery Reconditioning
Mills Mills, Ball And Pebble
Mills, Colloid Mills, Laboratory
Mills, Media And Shot Mills, Roller
Mixers, Conical Screw Mixers, Propeller
Mixers, Ribbon Blenders Etc. Mullers
Packaging Pails
Pigment Dispensing Systems Press Washes
Pressure Vessels Printing Inks, Resale
Pulverizers Pump Filtering Units
Pumps, Drum Pumps, Ink
Reactors Rebuilt Machinery
Skin Papers Solvent Recovery Equipment
Take-Off Blades Tanks, Glass Lined
Tanks, Heavy Duty Reinforced Tanks, Mixing
Tanks, Portable Shipping Tilters, Hydraulic For Roller Mills
Transfer Blades For Roller Mills Tub And Drum Cleaning Machinery
Tub Press-Out Systems Tubs, Ink Tubs
Used Machinery Vacuum Dryers


Consultants Education
Environmental Services Laboratories And Testing
Recruiting Testing Services
Waste Management Services


Black Pigments

Carbon Black, Ink And Powder Grade Carbon Black, Toned
Carbon Blacks

Blue Pigments

Pigments, Color Org. Blues, Alkali Blue Pigments, Color Org. Blues, Other
Pigments, Color Org. Blues, Phthalocyanine Pigments, Color Org. Blues, Victoria


Dispersions, Carbon Black Dispersions, Color, Aqueous
Dispersions, Color, Chip Dispersions, Color, Oil
Dispersions, Color, Plastic Dispersions, Color, Solvent
Dispersions, Custom

Dyes And Colors

Certified Colors D&C Colors
Dyestuffs FD&C Lakes

Extender Pigments

Pigments, Extender, Aluminum Hydrate Pigments, Extender, Barium Sulfate
Pigments, Extender, Bentonite Pigments, Extender, Blanc Fixe
Pigments, Extender, Calcium Carbonate Pigments, Extender, Clays
Pigments, Extender, General Pigments, Extender, Precipiatated Silica

Flushed Colors

Flushed Colors Flushed Colors, Alkyd Varnish
Flushed Colors, Custom Vehicles Flushed Colors, Gloss Varnishes
Flushed Colors, Heatset Varnishes Flushed Colors, Linseed Lith. Varnis
Flushed Colors, Moisture-Set Varnish Flushed Colors, Newsink Varnishes
Flushed Colors, Plasticizers Flushed Colors, Quick-Set Varnishes
Flushed Colors, Rotogravure Varnishe Flushed Colors, UV

Green Pigments

Pigments, Color Org. Greens, Brilliant Pigments, Color Org. Greens, Other
Pigments, Color Org. Greens, Phthalocyanine

Inorganic Pigments

Pigments, Color Inorg., Chrome Yellow Pigments, Color Inorg., Iron Blue
Pigments, Color Inorg., Iron Oxide Pigments, Color Inorg., Moly. Orange
Pigments, Color Inorg., Ultramarine Pigments, Color Inorganic, Bismuth Vanadate
Pigments, Color Inorganic, General

Metallic Pigments

Aluminum Flakes, Pastes, Powders Bronze Powders, Flakes
Metallic Flakes, Powders

Orange Pigments

Pigments, Color Org. Oranges

Organic Pigments

Pigments, Color Org., High Solid Presscake Pigments, Color Organic, Dry, Water
Pigments, Color Organic, General

Pigment Intermediates

Intermediates, Aniline Intermediates, Pig., Amine
Intermediates, Pigment, Arylamides Intermediates, Pigment, Dichloro.
Intermediates, Pigment, General Intermediates, Pigment, Naphthol
Intermediates, Pigment, Phthalo.

Red Pigments

Pigments, Color Org. Reds, BON Pigments, Color Org. Reds, Chlor. Pa
Pigments, Color Org. Reds, Lithol Rubine Pigments, Color Org. Reds, Lithols
Pigments, Color Org. Reds, Naphthols Pigments, Color Org. Reds, Other
Pigments, Color Org. Reds, Quinacridone Pigments, Color Org. Reds, Red 2B
Pigments, Color Org. Reds, Red Lake Pigments, Color Org. Reds, Rhodamine
Pigments, Color Org. Reds, Toluidine

Special Effects Pigments

Daylight Fluorescent Colors Pigments, Fluorescent
Pigments, Fluorescent, Day-Light Act Pigments, Fluorescent, UV Activated
Pigments, Luminscent Pigments, Pearlescent
Pigments, Phosphorescent Pigments, Photochromic
Pigments, Thermochromic

Violet Pigments

Pigments, Color Org. Violets, Methyl Pigments, Color Org. Violets, Other

White Pigments

Pigments, White, Titanium Dioxide

Yellow Pigments

Pigments, Color Org. Yellows, Diaryl Pigments, Color Org. Yellows, Hansas
Pigments, Color Org. Yellows, Other