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UVitec Creates Press Evaluation Service


UVitec Printing Ink, Lodi, NJ, has established OPTI-Press, a press evaluation service that provides combination, offset, flexo, rotary screen and letterpress printers with comprehensive analysis of all facets of their UV printing operation, from chemistry to
supplies to prepress.
The service allows printers to benefit from UVitec’s two decades of experience in UV ink manufacturing and understanding of UV printing processes.
As part of OPTI-Press, UVitec representatives tour a printing facility and review all factors of the printing process to ensure that the press is performing at its optimum level. According to the company, OPTI-Press is especially valuable to printers entering the offset printing market segment or considering buying a combination press. The goal of OPTI-Press is to increase overall efficiency by improving print operations, as well as maintain profitability by maximizing equipment and materials.
“The increased use of UV inks and the continued complexity in printing processes have made it more difficult for printers,” said Andrew Dakos, president of UVitec. “Our unique experience as an ink supplier whose management has press experience positions us as a valuable resource to printers. That ink/printer combination allows us to determine if problems are ink- or press-related, so that the correct adjustments can be made quickly, saving time and money”