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SunJet, Xaar Launch New UV Flexible Inks


A new UV curable ink jet ink designed specifically for use on non-porous substrates was launched at IPEX 2002 by Xaar plc and SunJet, following an extensive joint development program. Providing almost instant curing of the ink film following exposure to UV light, the Crystal UFX ink has been developed exclusively for use in the Xaar XJ500 family of high performance print heads.
The new ink offers excellent adhesion properties and high scruff resistance which, combined with its flexible properties, makes it suitable for output onto materials such as PVC, polycarbonate and polypropylene, ideal for package printing applications, according to the company.
“By working with SunJet on the development of this new ink, we have been able to introduce an ink that offers the highest quality output, whilst at the same time, ensuring that the composition of the ink optimizes the workings of our ink jet print heads,” said Jan Fineman, CEO of Xaar plc. “The characteristics of this new ink also makes it particularly suitable for packaging and industrial printing applications onto plastics.”
The Crystal UFX UV ink jet ink is designed for use in the Xaar XJ500 high performance print head. It combines the print head stability of a UV ink with exceptionally reliable jetting to satisfy the demands of high speed fixed head and scanning print systems. The inks are available in all standard process colors (standard and light shades) as well as spot color base system.