Holly Anderson – Hydrite Chemical

By David Savastano , Editor | 05.01.13

Technical manager, graphic arts for Hydrite Chemical honored by NAPIM.

Styrene/acrylic polymers have been an important advancement for water-based inks, and Holly Anderson, technical manager, graphic arts for Hydrite Chemical, has been in the forefront of this development.

“I have been very fortunate to have been involved with styrene/acrylic type polymer chemistry from its early development and growth in the water-based ink and coating markets,” Ms. Anderson said. “As such, I was proud to have played an integral role in helping to grow Morton’s business substantially over 23 years. I was also grateful for the opportunity to travel internationally and meet some phenomenal folks who are dedicated to the business and who also became good friends.”

Ms. Anderson’s roots in the industry started on the ink side at Borden Ink in 1974.

“In the summer of 1974, I answered an ad for a ‘laboratory’ job that required some college chemistry,” she said. “I was surprised to learn that it was for Borden Ink in St. Charles, IL, at that time a supplier to the printing company where my father worked. I was hired by Jim Coleman, who was the plant manager, and started in the laboratory doing color matching and formulating with offset, flexo, gravure and UV inks.

“It was a wonderful learning experience, and a couple of years later, when Morton Chemical was looking for someone with ink experience to assist in their polymer program, I made the jump to the supplier side of the business,” Ms. Anderson added.

As her career moved from Morton Chemical to Rohm and Haas in 1999, then on to Hydrite Chemical in 2009, Ms. Anderson has collaborated with many talented people. She is thankful to the people she has worked with throughout her career.

“Without question, the person who has influenced my career most directly and positively is Steve Walker of Hydrite Chemical,” she said. “We have been fortunate to work closely together in the laboratory - formerly at Morton and now at Hydrite Chemical - brainstorming ideas, analyzing market needs and coming up with solutions for customers.

“Earlier in my career, I would have to say Al McMichael of Morton had an influence by setting the strategic direction of our business,” Ms. Anderson added. “There are also a number of key customers that have helped me learn much about the ink and coating industries. Jeannette Truncellito of Sun Chemical and Lisa Fine of Joules Angstrom have been particularly supportive as well as instructive.”

Ms. Anderson is active in NAPIM, having presented numerous times at the Fox Valley Technical College Short Course on Inks and Raw Materials on behalf of NPIRI, as well as several NPIRI technical conferences. She also served as moderator at the 48th annual NPIRI technical conference, authored technical papers and presented speeches to technical organizations, including OCCA, TAPPI, FTA and local ink production clubs in New York, Chicago, Cincinnati and Los Angeles.

Outside of work, Ms. Anderson enjoys the outdoors as well as woodworking.

“I enjoy all thing outdoors (hiking, biking, canoeing), and living in the Madison, WI area has been an absolute treat,” she said. “I also like woodworking, and have quite the shop/tools now to make furniture and to work on projects around the house.”

Ms. Anderson said she is most appreciative of being recognized with the Pioneer Award.

“I am humbled and profoundly grateful that my contributions to the industry have been recognized through this award,” Ms. Anderson said. “It has been an honor to be involved with NAPIM, and to have worked for such fine companies as Borden, Morton, Rohm and Haas, and Hydrite Chemical doing something that I am passionate about."