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NAPIM’s Summer Course Offers Opportunities for Learning

By Bridget Klebaur, Associate Editor | 06.13.13

Every year, the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM) holds its comprehensive 2013 National Printing Ink Research Institute’s (NPIRI) Printing Ink Technology Course. This year’s course will be held July 14-19 at Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton, WI.

The course seeks to provide a platform for understanding fundamentals and improving relationships with suppliers and customers. Aside from offering knowledge on raw materials and equipment, Fox Valley has offset, flexo and digital presses on hand for attendees to study.

The benefits for attendees of the NPIRI summer course are endless, from forming new friendships to the wealth of knowledge offered throughout.

“The NPIRI Summer Course is an exceptionally unique educational opportunity which appeals to both experienced ink technicians and those new to the field,” said George Fuchs, director - environmental affairs and technology for NAPIM.

Brian Chwierut of Sun Chemical North American Inks, a longtime instructor of the course, said that the NPIRI Summer Course provides a strong foundation for attendees.

“It provides a foundation of facts in both primary and secondary areas of interest in a wide variety of paste and liquid composition and application,” explained Mr. Chwierut. “Going beyond discussion, it also provides opportunities to address specific areas of interest.”

Karen L. Schroeder, senior chemist, Kustom Group, attended the 2012 course, and she said that she felt the course was worthwhile and informative.

“I wish I had been able to go earlier, back when I started at Kustom, as there was information that I thought I knew but really didn’t,” Ms. Schroeder said. She added that the most valuable part of the summer course for her was application-based, specifically the printing press.

For Tim Roth, TPM support assistant, INX International Ink Company and another 2012 attendee, the course was easy to understand and informative, with the instructors making themselves available for questions after lectures.

“I liked the summer course, mostly for the reason that decades of ink industry knowledge were condensed into a couple of days,” Mr. Roth said. “Anyone who took college level chemistry could follow the course level, and the instructors left plenty of time to answer questions. “

Mr. Chwierut said that one of the best aspects of the course was the interaction and participation from attendees, which ensured a high level of value.

“The consistent high level of interest both during the presentations as well as afterwards in one-on-one discussions is evidence of the value of this course,” Mr. Chwierut said.

“The instructors were great, they took the time to answer our questions and make sure we understood what they were teaching,” Ms. Schroeder added. “I liked how they were from all aspects of the printing industry – instrumentation, ink companies, suppliers etc. There was a broad wealth of knowledge in the room.”

The material provided at the course proved to be invaluable, especially to Ms. Schroeder.

“I’ve used it to help with a presentation I gave a few months ago, and I reference it when I am training people,” she said.

For more information on this year’s course, please contact Mr. Fuchs at (770) 209-7291 or by email at