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Interink Brings Excellent Support, Technology to Thailand Printers

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 06.25.09

Interink Brings Excellent Support, Technology to Thailand Printers

As is the case throughout the Asia-Pacific region, the printing industry in Thailand is enjoying strong growth in all the key processes, most prominently gravure and offset.

While international ink manufacturers have a major share of the ink market in Thailand, Interink Company Limited, a second-generation inkmanufacturer founded more than 20 years ago, has earned itself a large share of the market.

“Thailand is a hub for printing in Asia, and it is quite successful,” said Phol Treesukkasem, managing director, CRM director for Interink Company Ltd., who estimates his company has 45 percent of the litho market.

Thanks to Eternal Sakata Inx Co., Ltd., Interink’s 2002 joint venture with Sakata Inx, the company’s share in gravure, Thailand’s leading printing market, and flexo is growing as well.

Eternal Sakata Inx’s gravure inks are printed on flexible packaging such as shopping bag, woven plastic, label and shrink film, while its water-based flexo inks are used on corrugated board.

“Sakata really supports you with technology and production,” said Somsak Trisukkasem, managing director, Eternal Sakata Inx Co., Ltd., who has been with Interink for 18 years.

“They share information and we can go to them with technical questions,” added Mr. Treesukkasem.

Interink has three other subsidiaries: QDX Company Ltd., Interink’s Xia Men, China-based subsidiary which produces quality water-based flexographic and offset inks; CPS Intersupply Company Ltd., which distributes plastic sheet materials and chemicals for the printing industry; and Pipit Industry Company Ltd., which manufactures coatings for paper and PVC artificial leather.

The key for Interink is its technology and customer support.

“We base our success on technology and support,” said Phol Treesukkasem. “We provide maximum quality at a minimum total cost. We show our printers what they can do to become more profitable, by helping them cut their costs, whether it is reducing waste or less defects, or by showing how to reduce dot gain and improve consistency. We have shown we can do all this to the owner, managing director and top management people, and have earned their trust and support.”

“We have excellent people with us, and we are looking to make ourselves even better, by gaining more knowledge in printing,” Phol Treesukkasem added.

Suppliers are also playing an important role for Interink. “Everyone talks about partnerships with suppliers, and it’s true,” Mr. Treesukkasem said. “We like to think of our suppliers as good old folks.”

Mr. Treesukkasem credits his father, Phi Treesukkasem, Interink’s founder, with teaching him about the ink industry and leadership.

“I learned a lot of management from my dad,” Mr. Treesukkasem said. “I studied technology and management from University of London and polymer science at Chulalongkorn University, but I learned so much more from my dad.”

All in all, Interink is succeeding by providing excellent service and quality to its customers.

“We are an international company with high quality products run by local people,” said Mr. Trisukkasem.

“Interink is a local brand,” Phol Treesukkasem concluded. “We can compete with international companies because we provide information. We have to do more in order to be able to compete with international companies.”

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