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Mallard Ink Company is Flying High

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 10.07.09

For any manufacturer, having experience in your customers’ field can make a major impact. In the ink industry, having people with backgrounds in printing provides an extra edge for both the ink company and its customers.

Mallard Ink Company, a manufacturer of a wide range of inks and other products, certainly fits that bill. The company’s employees have more than 260 years of pressroom experience. As a result, Mallard Ink prides itself on its unparalleled dedication to helping customers be successful, whether it is providing the right ink for an application or offering technical advice in the pressroom.

“Our pressroom experience sets us apart,” said Doug Duffert, Mallard Ink Company’s vice president. “Our service is fantastic. Between our laboratory and sales staff, we have more than 260 years of experience either running a pressroom or presses.”

To provide this high level of service, all of the Mallard Ink employees who have direct contact with customers have extensive pressroom experience. Mallard Ink also invests in training and staff development to keep its people up to date on new developments in the printing industry.

This emphasis on service was just what Gordy Lee, Tom Burke and Bob Ritchardt envisioned in 1984, when they left Roberts and Porter to start Mallard Ink.

“In 1990, Mr. Lee brought in his son, Gary, who owned the Offset Blanket Company,” Mr. Duffert said. “Now we are also a major converter of blankets, which offers a nice fit for our company.” Gary Lee is now Mallard Ink’s president.

Armed with the knowledge of what their customers want, Mallard Ink has made sure it can supply all that may be required. The company manufactures a wide variety of inks, and what they don’t make, they are able to blend and distribute.

“We manufacture heatset, sheetfed, rotary forms, water-based flexo for the tag and label market, and blend UV curable sheetfed and corrugated flexo inks,” Mr. Duffert said. “We are also the Midwest distributor for K+E conventional sheetfed and Fishburn UV curable inks as well as Cork aqueous and UV coatings.

“We’re going to expand our UV curable ink capabilities in the near future as well as our ability to blend corrugated inks,” Mr. Duffert said. “We recently expanded our lab with the addition of a UV chemist. We can see real areas of growth in hybrid and UV curable inks in the near future.”

The combination of strong service and quality has helped Mallard Ink achieve its success.

“We believe in a quality product and a fair price, accompanied by excellent service,” Mr. Duffert said. “Even in the face of this difficult market, we’re showing positive sales for 2001. There are opportunities out there.”

For Mallard Ink Company, providing what their customers want is the surest way to develop even more opportunities in the future.