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Print Suppliers Group Gives Independent Ink Companies Ability to be Competitive

By Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor | 08.10.11

Independent ink companies form group to leverage their purchasing power

The Print Suppliers Group Inc. (PSG) was formed in 2001 as a group of independent ink companies focused on improving their ability to compete in a market that is dominated by large global manufacturers. PSG leverages its purchasing power and geographic coverage to successfully participate in the North American ink market.

“PSG was formed as an avenue for independent ink companies to compete against global ink companies,” said Keith Voigt, president of Great Western Ink and Print Suppliers Group. “It consists of a purchasing forum, technology forum and peer to peer advisory.”

PSG brings inks for a variety of applications, including sheetfed, web and flexographic inks in both conventional and UV formulations for the North American market. PSG also offers pressroom chemistry and printing blankets.

PSG offers a number of advantages to its members. “Our industry is still service oriented and our organization touches virtually every major and minor market across the country, said John Toigo, president of Grand Rapids Printing Ink and Miller Cooper Printing Inks and board member of Print Suppliers Group. “As a peer group we're sharing information within our organization that gets transferred to members and thereby to our customers from across the country and globally. We all deal with similar issues regardless of the geography. The information shared within our group allows members in Miami to have an ear to issues and answers in LA.”

“From a product distribution level, we provide our suppliers with a committed partner that has facilities, service centers and feet on the street that they would otherwise have to invest in,” he continued. “The various partners of PSG allows us to service North America through local relationships that have been built for generations. Lastly, PSG works closely with our supplier partners to develop the latest products to address the quickly changing print market.”

Comprised of 14 independently owned and operated North American ink companies with a focus on quality and service, the PSG has positioned itself to offer quality products to the printing industry, with a high level of service and understanding of the needs of printers.

“PSG holds peer to peer meetings twice a year to talk about the challenges facing the industry, regions and growth," said Mr. Voigt. "It's been incredibly successfully. For companies trying to get distribution in the U.S. market there is not a stronger group of independent ink companies. When you look at the market, the PSG allows manufacturers to accomplish a lot with 14 companies in one meeting, focused on the value propositions to their customer bases."

PSG has the ability to globally source the best inks and ancillary products, providing state-of-the-art products at a level of local service and expertise that its member customers have come to expect from regional manufacturers.

“The whole group is focused on the independent printer because we are independent ink companies,” said Mr. Voigt. “Our job is to make sure these independents remain healthy and part of the ink market. The relationships we have are working extremely well. Even in the downturn of 2008-2009, we grew 3-5 percent as a group. We’ve shown a track record to our partners of above average growth. “

“Through the combination of all the advantges we offer, the ultimate beneficiary is the printer,” said Mr. Toigo. “Cutting edge products, through a knowledgeable local supply partner, with a shared knowledge of our industry that extends globally. This is a unique combination that is only brought to the market through PSG.”

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