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DuPont Ink Jet Introduces Fusion Inks to Compete in Wide Format Sector


DuPont Ink Jet introduced its DuPont Fusion inks for wide format printing during the Screenprinting & Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) Annual Conference on Oct. 31, 2002. This line of inks is the same chemistry DuPont supplied to Encad GO inks.
DuPont will now market DuPont Fusion inks through a worldwide distributor network to wide-format printers who currently use the Encad Novajet 500, 600, 700 and 800 Series printers.
The company has manufactured inks for the wide-format printing industry, including inks sold under the Encad Go ink brand since 1996.
“Until now, DuPont has been a silent leader in ink chemistries and innovative technologies for wide-format printing,” said Kathleen Hall, DuPont Ink Jet sales and marketing director. “Many Encad Novajet printer users should realize they may have been using DuPont formulated and manufactured inks for their wide-format business for years. Now, by purchasing DuPont Fusion inks, they will be able to continue using their existing printer profiles.”
These pigment inks are available in the primary colors, (CYMK), dilutions (Md C, Md M) and Octochrome colors (O, G), which are calibrated for the Encad printers using the current Encad GO inks and deliver an optimized combination of durability, versatility and permanence.