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IGT Testing Systems Appoints Luhne Messtechnik as New Representative for the Paper and Graphic Arts Industry in Germany


IGT Testing Systems and Luhne Messtechnik will continue the high level of service and support to the German market

March 19, 2011

IGT Testing Systems, the leading manufacturer of printability testers, and Luhne Messtechnik announce a new agreement they have reached that establishes Luhne Messtechnik as IGT representative for Germany.

Under this new agreement, Luhne Messtechnik will be handling the sales, service and calibration of the IGT instruments for the graphic arts industry in Germany. Luhne Messtechnik will be supporting new IGT instruments as well as those currently in the field.

Stefan Luhne from Luhne Messtechnik brings all his market experience and knowledge. Experience with the industry and their knowledge for technical support and service, combined with exceptional IGT products, are key benefits to this new relationship.

“IGT has always been working with representatives to provide to the industry, which makes sure that the customers are served by a local company who is familiar with the market and customs in that specific area. After-sales, service and calibration of the IGT equipment are very important to us as this improves the lifetime of the equipment and will ensure consistent test results,” said Wilco de Groot, managing director at IGT Testing Systems. “IGT and Luhne Messtechnik are pleased with this newly established cooperation to bring this new level of service and support to the German market.“

“We are very excited to start this new representation of high quality products for the German market,” said Mr. Luhne, manager and owner of Luhne Messtechnik. “We believe that besides our high level of experience and knowledge, our personal and individual approach is one of our strongest points. This, together with the high quality IGT products, will ensure a good relationship with our customers,”

IGT customers can contact Luhne Messtechnik for information at:
Luhne Messtechnik
Kölnerstrasse 167
D-41199 Mönchengladbach
Tel: +49 2166 - 681888
Fax: +49 2166 - 146 51 70

Luhne Messtechnik will have a booth at the Zellcheming Expo 2011 which will be held from 28- 30 June 28-30, 2011 in Wiesbaden, Germany.