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ONE SOLUTION Releases a New UV Ink Formulation


ONE UV OPAL ink is designed to work on a large variety of large format inkjet printers

ONE SOLUTION’s ONE UV OPAL ink is a new formulation has been designed to work on a large variety of large format inkjet printers. With high quality pigment, a fine dispersion and high curing performances, the OPAL inks outperform any third party products available on the market as well as most of the OEMs.

Benefits of the new UV OPAL inks:
• Extremely large color gamut allowing to reach difficult colors such as reflex blue, Coca-Cola red,… without compromising on others.
• Small particle size and fine dispersion reducing maintenance of the printheads and increasing their life time.
• Perfect surface tension for the 4 process colors preventing overspray and color mixing.
• Improved curing properties balancing correctly true and surface curing to enable excellent adhesion and flexibility on a wide variety of material.
• Low odor and irritancy thanks to a fine selection of raw material.

The UV OPAL ink is produced in ONE SOLUTION’s new production plant in Wavre, Belgium. This ensures more consistency from batch to batch, better logistic and prices more competitive. ONE UV OPAL ink’s competitive price starts at 28€/liter.