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The Terra Firma Company, LLC

Company Headquarters

1700 Pacific Avenue,
Suite 3680, Dallas Downtown Historic District, Dallas County, 3512
Dallas, TX 75201
United States

Company Description

Terra Firma originates from the Latin word terra (“earth” or “land”) and firma (“strong” or “steadfast”). At Terra Firma, we build upon these Latin roots to embody a company that is secure, well-founded, dependable, and stable. With this foundation and a history as a specialty chemicals distributor since 1949, we are now firmly established as a recognized leader in North America with the merger of Terra Firma, Dowd & Guild, and Northspec in 2022. Working alongside our Supplier Partners and Customers, Terra Firma is counted on to help create, build, and grow business.

Company Address: 1700 Pacific Avenue

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Please log onto our website at https://www.ontf.com to view the extensive list of principals that we represent.

Distributors' Guide

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