Literature Showcases

Atlas Material Testing Technology
Phone: 773-327-4520
The Most Affordable Xenon Instruments
The SUNTEST Family of weathering test instruments are the only state-of-the-art, flat-bed exposure devices with over 75 years of science built in. These easy-to-use xenon instruments are perfect for screening new materials, quality control and routine testing during production. With three different size exposure areas, Atlas has the right instrument for all your testing needs.

Beaver Luminescers
Phone: 617-964-6266
UV/Energized Fluorescent Pigments and Marking Inks
Beaver Luminescers UV/Fluorescent Pigments are invisible under ordinary light but emit intense fluorescent color when exposed to UV light.

Each of our UV/Fluorescent Pigments is tested and proven to provide superior performance in world-class security printing inks, marking inks, coatings, adhesives, plastics, pulps and fibers in applications including security printing, electronic coding, anti-counterfeiting, labeling, marking.

Conn & Company
11 S. Marion St.
Warren, PA 11365
Phone: 814-723-7980
Fax: 814-723-8502
Conn and Co., LLC. designs and manufactures industrial mixing equipment. The company has introduced three patented blades under the tradename Conn Blade®. The ITT style features a combination of louvers and teeth. The IT has louvers for gentle mixing for shear-sensitive materials. The ITC is an eight-vane, open style blade that provides more shear than the IT but is not as aggressive as the ITT. Conn Blades reportedly attain results in a shorter time with less heat generated. Now available of Poly Material.

IGT Testing Systems
Phone: 847-952-2448
NEW - IGT Tack Tester 450
GT Testing Systems has developed a new high quality test device to measure the tack of printing inks and other pastes. The IGT Tack Tester 450 measures tack in a quick and efficient way, with high accuracy, low maintenance and simple operation, while at the same time ensuring consistent test results.

For more information visit: or phone one of IGT’s office locations:

United States 1 847 952 2448 Netherlands 31 20 409 9300 Singapore 65 6481 8993 Japan 81 (0)43 483 1795

IGT Testing Systems
Phone: 847-952-2448
IGT Testing Systems has developed the IGT F1 UV, a new standard in high quality printability testing for  flexo inks with an integrated UV-drying system.

The IGT F1-UV allows ink manufacturers, printers and suppliers of flexible materials to meet their high quality standards, to ensure consistent test results in a production and R&D environment.

For more information visit: or phone one of IGT’s office locations:

United States +1 847 952 2448
Netherlands +31 20 409 9300
Singapore +65 6481 8993
Japan +81 43 483 1795

Micro Powders
Phone: 914-793-4058
Fax: 914-472-7098
High-Performance Wax Additives
Micro Powders‚ 8-page product brochure summarizes over 100 products and highlights applications for easy reference. MPI‚s complete range of specialty wax additives, used in paint, coatings and ink formulations, are contained in this brochure. These technically advanced micronized waxes, wax dispersions and emulsions include synthetic, polyethylene, PTFE, polypropylene and unique combinations that are suited for even the most demanding applications. Use of these wax additives will help formulators develop superior technical products.