Ink Industry in Asia-Pacific, Latin America Expands


During the past decade, there has been a shift in terms of growth in the printing and ink industries. In particular, economic and population growth is occurring in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions, which is leading to more need for printing. As the middle class expands in the China, India, and other nations, there is a need for more packaging and publications.

Meanwhile, publishing has suffered in North America and Europe, and while packaging remains strong, there has been a shift in manufacturing to the developing nations.

In my report on the Asia-Pacific region (“The Asia-Pacific Ink Market Continues to Grow,” which begins on page 16), leading executives in the region discuss the changes they are seeing. This has become the largest geographic region in terms of printing ink sales, with estimates reaching $5 billion, and it is growing. China (which will be covered in the September-October issue of Ink World) leads the way in terms of economic growth, with India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and other nations also rapidly expanding.

Latin America is another area of global growth for ink companies. I spoke with leaders in the ink market there, and they estimate the market is more than $1 billion for packaging alone. However, some of the economies remain troubled, which is having an impact on growth. For more information on Latin America’s ink industry, please see “Latin America Ink Market Sees Growth in Its Forecast,” which can be found online at http://bit.ly/1wRwzxC.

These changes are corroborated by this year’s Top International Ink Companies Report, which begins on page 22. There is growth to be found in Asia-Pacific and Latin America, and ink manufacturers are exploring their opportunities in these regions.