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Tintas Arzubialde, S.L. Emphasizes Quality, Technical Service

By David Savastano, Editor | 05.01.14

When any company reaches a half-century of service to its customers, it is clear that company is doing something right.

In the case of Tintas Arzubialde, S.L., the company has been providing packaging and publication printers with high-quality inks and technical service, and is continuing to bring these qualities to its customers.

“Founded in 1963, we have spent nearly half a century manufacturing printing inks,” said Raúl Díez, export manager for Tintas Arzubialde, S.L. “Our goal is to provide our customers products with the highest quality and innovation, as we have been doing since our inception.”

Headquartered in Logroño, Spain, Tintas Arzubialde, S.L. manufactures inks, varnishes, lacquers and other chemical auxiliaries for the printing industry, exporting its products to 15 countries globally. Díez noted that its expertise spans the range of printing processes.

“We have the widest range of products for the graphic arts, including offset inks, gravure inks, screen printing inks, flexo inks, chips and varnishes.”

For example, Tintas Arzubialde, S.L. manufactures solvent-based, water-based, and UV curable inks flexographic and gravure printing inks for packaging printing, as well as conventional and UV curable sheetfed inks for folding cartons. The company produces conventional and UV curable offset inks for publications as well.

Tintas Arzubialde, S.L. also specializes in inkjet inks for coding and marking and pigment dispersions (chips) for liquid inks.

Security inks are a key area for Tintas Arzubialde, S.L., as the company’s inks appear on security documents, banknotes and brand protection applications. In particular, the company’s inks have been approved for the Euro currency.

“We also have wide experience in the development and production of security inks, offering our customers a flexible, modern and functional product range,” Díez noted. “We have been accredited by the European Central Bank as Euro ink supplier.”

A company can have great products, but technical service is critical for customers. Tintas Arzubialde, S.L. provides excellent service throughout Spain, with locations across the country.

“For us, every customer is important and has the support of our Technical Department, who can to provide the best solutions to their needs,” Díez said. “For the best customer service and support, Tintas Arzubialde has offices spread all over Spain, to provide the best care for any client anywhere.”

Tintas Arzubialde places a strong emphasis on quality, the environment and health and safety.

“The quality of our products, respect for the environment, and the best service to our clients is the foundation of our company,” Díez said. “Our Quality Management System is based on commitment to customer requirements. Tintas Arzubialde has a Management System ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Certificate from the prestigious Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

“Aware of the importance of preserving our environment, we work respectfully with the environment, promoting the implementation of our Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004,” added Díez. “We also have the OHSAS 18001-2007 for Health and Safety. Our technical department powers and investigates all product lines without forgetting the most stringent quality parameters, in order to provide the utmost respect for the environment.”

With its emphasis on quality, service and the environment, Tintas Arzubialde is well positioned to continue on its five decades of successfully serving the printing industry.