Maurice Carruthers – Sun Chemical Performance Pigments

By David Savastano, Editor | 05.20.14

Maurice Carruthers, vice president and general manager, Ink Division, Sun Chemical Performance Pigments, receives NAPIM's Printing Ink Pioneer Award

 In his career spanning more that 45 years, Maurice Carruthers, vice president and general manager, Ink Division, Sun Chemical Performance Pigments, has created a legacy of service to the pigment and ink industries.
In appreciation of his long-standing efforts, Carruthers has received NAPIM’s Technical Associate Member (TAM) Service Award in 2009, as well as the NAPIM Pioneer Award and the Metro New York Man of the Year Award this year. His career has certainly come a long way since he joined the pigment industry in 1966, signing on with Ciba-Geigy in his native Scotland as a dry color technician working on phthalocyanine.
At Ciba-Geigy, he quickly earned the notice of his superiors, receiving honors as the top lab technician and receiving a scholarship at the University of Manchester, where he earned a degree in chemistry. He also gained experience in research and production while at Ciba-Geigy. In 1976, Carruthers joined Sun Chemical, heading to the U.S., where he has held numerous positions, ranging from technical, manufacturing and sales.
“I’ve worked in various positions that cover all phases of pigments group at Sun Chemical, including manufacturing, technical, sales and marketing,” Carruthers said. “These experiences allowed me to work in a variety of countries, such as the UK, Denmark, France, Belgium and the United States, and in the process, I met a lot of interesting people with a lot of industry knowledge.”
During his 45-plus years in the pigment industry, Mr. Carruthers has worked with many pigment and ink industry leaders who have had an influence on his career.
“My key influences at Sun have been my direct supervisors and mentors, Brian Leen and Myron Petruch included, who have kept me focused,” Carruthers said. “I am also grateful to Peter Ludwig, who had a lot of faith in my abilities to get things done, and Art Finn, who showed me some skills in dealing with customers. I’m also grateful to some of my customers, who were major influences in my career.”
Carruthers is a longtime supporter of industry associations, including NAPIM and NPIRI, where he was a member of the NPIRI Board of Directors. He is a graduate member of the Royal Institute of Chemistry, and has also worked with ETAD, FTA and CPMA over the years.
Outside of work, Carruthers enjoys a wide range of sports. “My hobbies include golf, bowling, darts and sports in general,” he noted. “I enjoy watching horse racing and both American and British football.”
Carruthers said he is honored to receive the Pioneer Award. “I have nothing but positive thoughts when it comes to receiving both the Pioneer Award in 2014 and the TAM award from NAPIM in 2010,” Carruthers said. “It is a confirmation that I made the correct decision in staying and working in this industry as well as with Sun Chemical.” 
Ed Polaski, vice president sales - Americas, Sun Chemical Performance Pigments, said that Carruthers is a deserving choice for the Pioneer Award.
“Maurice was one of the main technical people behind Sun Chemical’s introduction of Hexiverse dispersions, a game-changing product line in the 1980s that helped ink manufacturers transition from solvent- to water-based packaging inks,” said Polaski. “Additionally he serves the industry well in the development of E.D.  Yellows and Reds and high value flush for the publication and packaging ink markets.
“In addition to his many technical contributions to the very key pigment and preparation components of nearly all ink formulations, Maurice brings a very personal, friendly and ‘can do’ attitude to the business,” Polaski noted. “He is just one of those very unique people that can work with everyone, from bench technician to CEOs and owners.”

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