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Custom Color Ink and Coating Delivers Excellent Quality, Service to Corrugated Field


For corrugated printers, water-based flexo inks and coatings are ideal for producing the graphics their customers require. The keys for ink manufacturers are meeting the high levels of quality and service corrugated printers require.

Custom Color Ink and Coating, Elgin, IL, is well positioned to meet the needs of its corrugated customers. A specialist in corrugated inks and coatings, as well as water-based flexo and gravure surface print inks, heat transfer inks and adhesives, heat seal adhesives and functional water-based coatings, Custom Color Ink and Coating was founded more than five years ago by Vladimir Pakhnyuk, a 20-year veteran of the corrugated ink and printing field. Custom Color Ink and Coating is dedicated to providing the type of ink and coating products that allow the typical corrugated printer to provide a high quality printed product, but still be economical enough to be competitive.

 “The marketplace at the time was dominated by higher cost inks and coatings that were lacking in performance,” Pakhnyuk, Custom Color Ink and Coating’s president, noted. “The lack of color strength, cleanliness, end-use properties and most of all, economics did not allow for many of the smaller independent corrugated printers to compete with the larger companies that were vertically integrated and capable of producing their own paper and inks.”

Since its beginnings, Pakhnyuk has been joined by a select group of other ink and printing specialists, who, between them, have a combined 40+ years experience in this field. This has allowed Custom Color to translate its experience into other water-based markets.

“Since our inception, our company has continued to grow in other areas of the water-based ink and coating marketplace,” Pakhnyuk said. “We now manufacture a variety of water-based inks and specialty ink vehicles for the flexographic and roto-gravure printing markets.

“Our current product line includes specialty ink vehicles for coated and uncoated label and paper substrates, performance coatings including matte and satin, high heat resistant, chemical resistant and MVTR overprints, as well as a specialty line of inks and adhesives for the heat transfer and heat seal markets,” added Pakhnyuk. “We are now able to address any need or performance requirement in the water-based printing arena and most likely have a product on the shelf or can produce one quickly that will meet the needs of any new application that might arise.”

Delivering quality and service is critical for corrugated customers, and Custom Color Ink and Coating puts great emphasis on these areas.

“Our company has great strengths in all aspects of the water-based printing market,” Pakhnyuk said. “We are very strong in formulation, color matching, press-side experience and manufacturing knowledge. Our main goal is to provide a quality product at an economical price. In the process, we have vowed not to sacrifice performance to meet price. We spend an extensive amount of time researching new raw materials in a continuing effort to source products that are economical, but still meet our stringent performance requirements. Our many years of experience in this field allow us to be very efficient at this.

“Our second goal is to circumvent the red tape that our customers have to deal with when ordering inks from some of the more established ink manufacturers.” Pakhnyuk said. “When you call Custom Color, you will speak to a live person who will address your needs immediately. Our turn around time on established products is exemplary, with most orders shipping within a day or two from the time they are placed. We have our own truck to make local deliveries, and in some instances, are able to deliver ink orders on the same day or early the next day when the need arises.”

Pakhnyuk said that the future is bright for water-based printing, and with its dedication and expertise in the market, Custom Color Ink and Coating is poised to grow as well.

“Our intent is to continue to dedicate our expertise and resources to the water-based printing market,” Pakhnyuk said. “We plan to continue to grow in this segment, and I believe that we are poised to handle any new requirement or need that may arise in the water-based market.

“We are a small house with much experience in this area, and we do not want to make the mistake of diluting our efforts by expanding into too many types of inks at one time,” Pakhnyuk added. “We feel that we can better serve our customer base by concentrating our efforts on those products that we know the most about. If it is water-based, no matter how it is applied to the substrate, we feel that we can design and produce an ink or coating product that will exceed expectations.”

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