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BASF Expands Capacity for Radiation-Curable Resins and Specialty Monomers

Published December 6, 2013
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BASF will increase its annual capacity for manufacturing energy-curable binders – sold under the brand name Laromer – and specialty monomers in Europe by beginning of 2014.

Specialty monomers and energy-curable binders add value in many applications including coatings for furniture and flooring, inks and overprint varnishes as well as lacquers for coating plastic and metal substrates. The additional capacity will also allow BASF to expand its portfolio of energy-curable binders with new products that are key formulation ingredients for high performance inks and overprint varnishes serving the growing food packaging market.

The capacity expansion reflects our commitment to guarantee security of supply and will strengthen BASF’s position as a leading supplier of energy-curable binders and specialty monomers.

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