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South Africa’s NUtec Digital Ink is Enjoying Global Growth

By David Savastano, Editor | 11.27.13

The digital printing industry is growing exponentially as print providers and their customers take full advantage of the benefits and the flexibility that digital printing provides.

The digital printing industry is growing exponentially as print providers and their customers take full advantage of the benefits and the flexibility that digital printing provides. This growth is also true throughout Africa, where NUtec Digital Ink, a South African based digital ink manufacturing specialist, has built a global customer base.

“The market for digital printing inks has grown consistently globally as well as throughout the African continent, with solvent ink still being the largest contributor by way of volume,” said Neil Green, sales and marketing director of NUtec.“UV printers are growing in popularity, particularly in first world countries, but will still take a while before rivaling the number of solvent printers in the market.”

NUtec develops and produces premium quality pigmented Eco and Mild Solvent ink for the high resolution, wide and super wide inkjet digital printing industry, in cartridges and in bulk for the commercial as well as industrial markets.NUtec’s founders have been associated with the industry for more than 20 years, bringing with them experience, insight, expertise and innovation. NUtec also offers a range of UV-cured inks for a wide range of printers currently in the market, and is working on a line of water-based digital inks

“Our knowledge of the business, coupled with specialist technical skills, have allowed us to develop the NUtec range of mild solvent and UV cured inks,” Mr. Green noted. “Included in the product offering is our Environmental Responsible Product range of inks, (ERP) which have no hazardous air polluting substances, and are also safer for the operator.”

NUtec’s high-quality inks have found opportunities with both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and global resellers.

“NUtec has harnessed local skills to proudly produce quality inks for the wide to and super wide format digital printing industry, on both local and global scale,” Mr. Green said. “This quality and consistency has been recognized by a growing number of OEMs and global resellers alike, which we believe is setting a new standard in ink manufacturing.”

The key to NUtec’s growth is its ability to formulate and manufacture quality premium digital printing inks batch after batch and to support their growing customer base with innovative and reliable products.

“NUtec continues to create ink chemistries and unique formulations for lower environmental impact, improved reliability and minimum machine downtime,” Mr. Green said. “Our manufacturing process has been uniquely designed by its engineers to include proprietary processes in pigment dispersion, liquid manufacturing and purification. Our versatility to present products in a variety of packaging configurations offers our customers a diverse range of solutions.

“NUtec takes pride in its quality assurance processes, ensuring absolute batch to batch consistency,” Mr. Green added. “These processes are supported by a state-of-the-art testing laboratory, where products undergo a series of stringent analyses before final approval.”

As a result of its hard work and expertise, NUtec is enjoying growth worldwide, with expectations for further expansion in the future. “NUtec Digital Ink is fast establishing its brand globally, and is set to build on its solid business foundation going forward,” Mr. Green concluded. “Already being represented in more than 65 countries around the world, NUtec is expecting to grow its revenues significantly over the next few years with a complete range of mild solvent, Environmentally Responsible as well as UV-cured inks.”

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