Lee Godina –Resinall Corporation

By David Savastano, Editor | 05.01.13

Resinall leader honored by NAPIM.

Since the founding of Resinall Corporation in 1981, Lee Godina has been a leader in the company, working closely with his father, John Godina Sr., and company management to help the company grow from a small regional resin supplier to a global producer.

Lee Godina has been a key part in the company’s growth and geographic expansion, from its expansion of its Severn, NC headquarters as well as a new facility in Hattiesburg, MS; today, the two U.S. plants have a combined capacity of 200 million pounds. He was also active in Resinall’s expansion into Europe, Resinall Europe bvba, with headquarters in Brugge, Belgium.

As an owner and now the president of Resinall, Mr. Godina has been responsible for the day-to-day operations of Resinall with the company’s senior management team for the past 10 years. Mr. Godina has emphasized the company’s dedication to the printing ink industry and its technical excellence, including the development of its hybrid printing ink resins.

Mr. Godina is a strong supporter of trade associations. He is actively involved in the ink industry as a member of NAPIM, serving as a convention moderator, as well as chairman of the Board for the Pine Chemical Association.