Janet Ciravolo –NAPIM

By David Savastano , Editor | 05.01.13

NAPIM honors longtime member of its team.

For anyone who called the NAPIM offices during the last nearly 15 years, Janet Ciravolo was most likely the first person they reached. Without a doubt, Janet’s kind manner and helpfulness would have been the caller’s first impression of NAPIM.

Thus, when NAPIM honored Janet with its Printing Ink Pioneer Award, there was a feeling from all that it was indeed a well-deserved honor, although she was surprised by the honor.

While Janet worked for NAPIM from 1998 until her retirement early this year, her background in the ink industry was extensive. She worked for M&T Chemical from 1969 to 1976 in their Inks/Coatings Division, and returned to the industry from 1993 to 1998 with Huber and Heritage Inks in their Inks Division, before joining Jim Coleman, her boss at Huber, when he became NAPIM’s executive director.

“Janet’s contribution to NAPIM was most evident in her pleasant and superb working relations with the members relying primarily on her phone personality,” Mr. Coleman said. “While at NAPIM, Janet served as the first line of support and service for many years, and she made every effort to be sure the member’s contact with NAPIM was a very positive experience. Janet was always helpful and conscientious and a critical part of the NAPIM team.”