Doug Anderson – Central Ink Corporation

By David Savastano , Editor | 05.01.13

Central Ink’s vice president of product development honored by NAPIM.

Right from the start of his career in the ink industry 34 years ago, Doug Anderson had to be a quick learner.

“I was recruited in December 1979 by Bowers Printing Ink to run an in-plant,” Mr. Anderson said. “After spending a few months in the lab learning about color, I was assigned my first in-plant. I certainly had to learn fast.”

After moving on to Delta Color and then Sun Chemical, Mr. Anderson joined Richard Breen at Central Ink in 1988, where he has spent most of his career, with the exception of a brief stint at US Ink in the early 2000s. Mr. Anderson, Central Ink’s vice president of product development, has been a fixture on the technical side of the ink business throughout his career, working on everything from formulating and research to purchasing.

“The growth and success of Central Ink through the years has been fun to be part of,” Mr. Anderson said.

Mr. Anderson said he has been fortunate to have had many mentors in his career.

“Fred Falk of Bowers gave me my first opportunity in printing ink,” he said. “Jeff Jones of Sun Chemical taught me a great deal about professionalism and gave me the opportunity to grow in many different areas. I have always looked up to Dean Roeing who has spent so much time in the education of new technicians for our industry. I have always admired his passion for the industry. I have had so many vendors through the years that have taught me about their products and applications. Without their assistance, my job would have been much more difficult.

“Last but not least is Mr. Breen,” Mr. Anderson added. “The business and technical knowledge that he has given me has been priceless.”

Outside of Central Ink, Mr. Anderson has worked closely with NAPIM and NPIRI, as well as Chicago Printing Ink Production Club (CPIPC).

Mr. Anderson has been very active with both NPIRI and NAPIM, participating on their technical committees throughout his career. He is a long time contributor to the NPIRI Technical Conference Planning Committee and chairperson of the annual conference.

He served on the CPIPC board for six years, including a term as president, and received the CPIPC’s Ink Maker of the Year Award.

“I am a past president of the Chicago Printing Ink Production Club, and enjoyed my time on the board of the club,” he said. “There are a great group of inkies and suppliers in Chicago.”

His colleagues note that Mr. Anderson’s service to the industry is exceptional.

“He’s a good guy,” said Gregg Dahleen, president of Central Ink. “There is no one out there in the labs who is as good with heatset and coldest as Doug. It is hard to find somebody who is more committed to the industry, and he has mentored so many people who have gone on to do good things in the industry.”

Outside of work, Mr. Anderson plays golf (“I enjoy golf, but wish I was better!,” he says) and enjoys family life: “I have raised three girls, with the youngest two still in college. I’m so proud of all of them because they each have a defined career path and are working very hard to be successful in their respective areas (nursing, meteorology, and social work).”

Mr. Anderson said that receiving the Pioneer Award is a great honor.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by NAPIM and my peers in the ink industry,” Mr. Anderson said. “ Through the years, I have looked at the names of the Pioneer Award winners, and it is an impressive list. I am honored to be included with this prestigious group of people. They have all done so much to advance the printing ink industry.”