Dale Pritchett – Ink World

By David Savastano , Editor | 05.01.13

Publisher of Ink World magazine, Coatings World magazine and Printed Electronics Now honored by NAPIM.

You can say that Dale Pritchett has always marched to the beat of his own drum. Dale, the publisher of Ink World magazine, is an accomplished jazz drummer, studying music at the University of Miami before family life led him to move into sales.

In 1986, he joined American Ink Maker, becoming publisher from 1990-96, and then joined the fledgling Ink World magazine as its publisher. He also started Coatings World magazine and Printed Electronics Now.

Dale excels at working with people. He has served NAPIM and NPIRI as an independent consultant, working behind the scenes and using Ink World’s resources to help in any way he can.

“I have so enjoyed working with a number of trade associations,” Dale said. “NAPIM, CPMA and RadTech are directly involved with the ink industry, and the work they do benefits us all. But the friends I have made in our industry are the top highlight. I cherish this above everything else.”

“Dale is always willing to find ways to advance the cause of the ink industry, whether it is through service in clubs to leveraging Ink World's resources to assist associations,” said David Savastano, Ink World’s editor. “His dedication to the ink industry is exceptional.”

The many friends Dale has made in the industry over the years have all had an influence on Dale’s life.

“This industry has been full of mentors to me,” Dale said. “Some are long gone and some are still in the industry. There are so many men that conducted themselves and their business in an ethical manner. Men that were husbands and fathers first, business leaders second. Men that gave back to our industry.”

Outside of work, Dale and his wife, Lynn enjoy traveling and sharing time with their family, particularly as his sons have grown up in the Boy Scouts.

“My wife Lynn and I love to travel, but mostly we love to just sit on our porch at home,” Dale said. “That's probably my main hobby. I have also been involved as a Boy Scout leader for more than 10 years. The influence that that program has had on our own boys and their friends is huge. Over the years, I have really enjoyed going on the treks that the scouts offer. These are one and two week backpacking or canoeing trips that have us miles from any road. Watching the guys unplug and learn to thrive in these environments is a great growing up experience. Our youngest is a sophomore in high school, and I will miss this program when he leaves it and we both move on. But as I said, Lynn and I love to travel and that will free up more time for that!”

Dale said he was extremely surprised that he was chosen to receive the Pioneer Award.

“I am very honored...and shocked,” he added about receiving the Pioneer Award. “I’ve never sold ink or a raw material or equipment to an inkie so I didn’t consider myself a candidate. I love the ink industry and look forward to the changes ahead. As the industry moves away from conventional ink and more into new opportunities for inkjet and conductive inks it will be an exciting time. There is no reason to think the industry will not grow.