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Digitl Ink Brings Excellence to the Inkjet Ink Market

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 11.16.12

Digitl Ink Brings Excellence to the Inkjet Ink Market

Digital printing continues to enjoy growth, and there is a major need for high-quality inkjet inks. For Digitl Ink, a Cheshire, UK-based independent inkjet ink manufacturing company, developing, manufacturing and distributing a comprehensive range of high-quality inkjet inks for their customers is their calling card

Previously traded as Ink Technologies Ltd. (ITL), Digitl Ink changed its name in December 2010 due to a restructuring of the management team, but with predominantly the same staff and ink range from the ITL days.That experience is one of the keys that differentiate Digitl Ink from other inkjet ink manufacturers.

“The majority of people within ITL and subsequently within Digitl Ink had or have many years experience from working at other ink manufacturing or commercial printing companies,” said Steve Martinson, sales, marketing and business development for Digitl Ink. “We wanted to learn lessons from those previous working environments and provide a level of product quality and service that was exceptional while delivering to the blossoming wide format graphics sector.”

Digitl Ink focuses on high quality digital inks for wide format graphics printers, industrial coding and marking printers, water-based inks for commercial art/graphics and photography, along with inks for the grand, large and superwide format sectors. Its range also includes refill inks for the desktop printer market and UV curable inks, although Digitl Ink focuses less on these last two areas at present. Above all, quality is most important.

“We put the emphasis on product quality; we know that the market is increasingly price driven, but we feel that by closely controlling costs in our production environments, we can continue to offer a high quality product range which performs at least as well as the equivalent OEM inks,” Mr. Martinson said. “We only produce inkjet Inks for the digital printer market. We don’t have screen inks or other ink divisions, so we can focus our resources into one area.

“All of the company’s experiences and staff history are within the inkjet ink market,” Mr. Martinson added. “We have full R&D development and lab testing facilities on site in the UK. We are perceived as a big company, at least within the UK, and yet strive to operate with the flexibility and customer focus of a small business, meaning we are able to provide a customer focused and personal level of service to our clients.”

Digitl Ink knows it is vital to launch new inks into the market on a regular and timely basis. Along those lines, Digitl Ink recently launched Digitl Ink Tex-AD and Digitl Ink Tex-PG, its new water-based ink range for the digital textile market. Tex-AD is an acid dye-based ink, while Tex-PG pigmented inks.

“The hot topics at the moment are Latex inks and to support commercial printing in an eco-friendly and sustainable way,” Mr. Martinson said. “We are developing new water-based inks for direct to textile printing, a market which is seeing rapid growth. There are no harmful VOCS within these ink formulations, and the disposal of waste inks or used finished product is far less problematic when printed with water-based inks.”

Mr. Martinson said that Digitl Ink expects to increase its product distribution significantly through new resellers, and progress into a larger number of international markets over the next five years, including through its operations in Asia and Australia.

“We plan to complete a number of new product developments in 2013, and aim to be regarded as an innovative market leader in the development, production and distribution of our branded inks,” Mr. Martinson concluded.

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