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Archway Sales Launches New Management Structure


David Baumstark takes over as president

David Baumstark has taken over the role as president of Archway Sales. Over the past several years, Mr. Baumstark held the leading management role within Archway's marketing and strategy committees while directing all of the company’s sales efforts. In his new role, he will also oversee principal management efforts.

Additionally, as part of this role adjustment, Jack Baumstark Jr. has taken over the role as vice president of Archway Sales. He will continue to oversee all marketing efforts as well as having responsibility for identifying acquisition targets.

Jack Baumstark Sr. will begin serving as chairman of Archway Sales, overseeing Archway's long-term corporate strategic planning. This will include acquisition negotiations, financing and distribution agreements. Jack Baumstark Sr continues to be very proud of what Archway has accomplished and wants to ensure Archway has the structure in place to be successful in the decades to come.

Functionally, this transition has been occurring for several years. Long-term succession is something Archway has always taken very seriously and the company is confident these changes will allow them to operate efficiently while meeting its goal of quickly responding to an ever-changing marketplace.