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Bordeaux Digital PrintInk Provides Single Source for Digital Ink Technology

By Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor | 07.26.11

The digital printing market has been one of the brightest success stories for the printing industry in recent years, and Bordeaux Digital PrintInk has successfully developed a leading role on the ink side. Based in Yavne, Israel, Bordeaux Digital PrintInk started out as a garment and dye manufacturing company during the 1990s.

In 2000, Bordeaux shifted its activities to the development and manufacturing of high quality inkjet inks and fluids for the wide and super wide format digital graphics market.

The product line introduced by Bordeaux in the first year consisted of True Solvent Inks. With the emergence of Eco Solvent ink by Mutoh, Bordeaux expanded its solutions to more ecologically friendly inks such as the Mild & Low and Eco Solvent inks, and later UV Curable inks. Over the next few years, Bordeaux continued to introduce new products. The inks, based on in-house R&D formulations and technical expertise, are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and are used for posters, billboards, banners, point of sale, truck and fleet graphics, numerous roll-to-roll and rigid media applications as well as print/cut/inkjet applications.

“Bordeaux’s growth took a dramatic increase in 2008, following the introduction of Bordeaux’s PENR Eco Solvent ink solution, the first product in which Bordeaux implemented its Mix & Match concept, making the process of ink conversion from the original ink to Bordeaux inks easy and cost effective,” said Moshe Zach, CEO and founder of Bordeaux Digital PrintInk. “Today Bordeaux’s entire portfolio includes Eco, Low and Mild Solvents as well as UV and UV LED technology inks, water-based coatings and UV curable liquid coatings. The solutions are available for all popular wide and super wide format printer brands, models and printhead technologies, in a variety of delivery systems including fully printer-compatible cartridges, bottles and bulk system bags for cost efficiency and flexibility.”

Today, Bordeaux is selling inks and fluids for a variety of digital inkjet applications to customers in more than 100 countries.

“In 2011, Bordeaux expanded its network in Europe with the addition of new authorized resellers and also opened its first R&D, manufacturing, logistics and service facility in the U.S.,” said Mr. Zach. “The facility operates alongside the existing factory to offer an expanded portfolio of inks and coatings and to support Bordeaux Inc, the company’s U.S. subsidiary in Santa Clara, CA, which provides full service to its customers in the U.S. and Latin America.”

According to Mr. Zach, Bordeaux offers its customers a number of advantages.

“Bordeaux’s advantage lies in its ability to develop high quality compatible ink, which encapsulates precise chemical properties, technological knowledge and accurate color management for the newest digital printing technologies,” said Mr. Zach. “Printers are becoming more and more conscious of their operational costs, and are more willing to move to alternative inks that can save printers up to 50 percent on their ink cost. Moreover, Bordeaux is a true one-stop shop offering ink solutions for all prevalent printers and printhead technologies and in all possible configurations, whether in printer compatible cartridges, bulk or bags for Bordeaux’s Bulk Ink System (BBIS).”

Bordeaux’s personal service to each distributor and the company’s strong alliances are a key to continued growth.

“Bordeaux is strongly committed to quality, innovation and service and is more and more recognized as a leading brand, a trendsetter and an innovator of inkjet solutions that save time, money and boost productivity for wide format printers,” said Mr. Zach. “This is achieved largely as a result of the R&D that Bordeaux puts into its solutions, and the knowledge it has gained over time.”

Bordeaux sees growth in inkjet in a variety of applications, such as the packaging industry used in tags and labels, textiles, electronics, ceramics and glass, fleet graphics and vehicle wrapping.

“Specifically in the signage industry, Bordeaux foresees a shift toward higher quality point of purchase (POP) applications with the introduction of Silver by Roland as well as Orange and Green, and the wider use of textile, not just for the garment industry, but also for banners,” Mr. Zach concluded. “Moreover, the digital inkjet business will continue to be driven by environmentally friendly products and costs. Consequently, digital printing is forecasted to continue to grow over traditional types of printing.”

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