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Standard Register's Expertise in Specialty Inks and Coatings Provides Benefits to Customers

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 05.17.11

Business printing is a complex field. Company reputations are a major concern, and inks and coatings play a key role in protecting and advancing business reputations.

For nearly a century, Standard Register (SR) has been a major force in business printing. While SR is well known for its cutting-edge printed products and services, the company has also been at the forefront of the specialty inks and coatings field. For more than 50 years, the company has been developing and producing innovative inks, coatings and adhesives in-house, and has become a trusted supplier to leading business printers globally.

“Our customers include six of the top 10 business printers in North America and many of the top printers around the globe – proof that industry leaders rely on SR for their continued success,” John Harden, global business development director, Standard Register International - Specialty Materials, said. “All of our products are produced from base components and closely guarded formulas. This molecular-level understanding of how and why our inks and adhesives function allows us to create and modify products to meet our customers’ unique application requirements.

“As a result of our expertise in security, adhesives and imaging coatings production, we consult on a regular basis with healthcare, industrial, financial, security and government organizations to devise new ways to protect their reputations by leveraging our material science expertise,” Mr. Harden noted. “Application of our specialty materials allows us to provide solutions for critical issues facing the world such as prescription drug fraud and abuse, patient safety, counterfeit products, identity protection, check fraud, voter fraud and protecting our environment with sustainable coating solutions.”

Dr. Raj Mehta, chief scientist/director, noted that SR’s in-house capabilities enhance its market leadership position.

“In addition to serving our core market segments, we are able to transfer new technology into solutions for completely unrelated markets,” Dr. Mehta added. “Our Specialty Materials group is an innovation engine for printing, packaging and security, and is a think tank for many other applications. Take, for example, using chemically reactive prescription and check security coatings and colorless chemical pens to create interactive print for gaming and educational markets. Many of our innovations are in use today due to their highly interactive capabilities that range from children’s inkless coloring books to creative consumer packaging.”

SR’s successful focus on business printing has made it the go-to partner of printers and ink companies alike.

“We focus on designing specialty inks, coatings and adhesives for very specific applications,” Mr. Harden said. “Since we do not compete in the general ink space, other ink and printing supply companies realize that we are the trusted leader of specialty inks, coatings and adhesive. The fact that we only offer specialized materials allows us to not only work directly with print converters but also with other ink companies to fill gaps in their product line. Our experience in carbonless coatings, toner receptor coatings, security inks, cohesive glue and repositionable adhesives have opened new product lines for our customers and distributor partners.

“Unlike any other ink company, SRI not only makes inks, coating and adhesives, we also use these products in our print converting divisions. Our team of scientists, engineers, production and marketing professionals have extensive expertise in the complete printing process, which gives our customers the confidence to respond to more complex and profitable market opportunities,”

Mr. Harden said that SRI’s outlook for the coming years is bright.

“Our vision is to be trusted by the world’s leading organizations to advance and protect their reputations, grow revenue and improve operational performance,” he said.

The optimism at SR is based not only on current products but on a proven R&D team, Dr. Mehta said. “Our R&D pipeline will continue to deliver market-driven innovation. Our expectation is that our customers and partners will continue to help us find innovative uses for our existing products. Today our materials are used domestically and internationally in the printing industry, but future innovation will allow us to develop and market our materials for many different applications, from packaging to solar industry.”