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Consistent High-Quality and Service are ISC America's Strengths

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 06.02.09

Consistent High-Quality and Service are ISC America's Strengths

The ability to provide consistent high-quality products and service to printers is essential for ink manufacturers. For ISC America, Inc., a Wood Dale, IL-based sheetfed offset folding carton specialist, those abilities come naturally.

A subsidiary of Ilsam, a leading Korean colorant manufacturer specializing in plastics, ISC America, Inc. opened its doors in 1994 as a full service ink blending operation specializing in sheetfed, offset, flexo, UV inks and coatings. According to John Mueller, sales manager for ISC America, the company’s main manufacturing is in Seoul, Korea, where Ilsam’s expertise in manufacturing colorants provides the consistency that folding carton printers desire.

Mr. Mueller said that the keys to ISC America’s success are found in the company’s dedication to consistent quality and fast service.

“We pride ourselves on consistent quality and same day service,” Mr. Mueller said. “We continue to manufacture from the finest flushes. Our parent company is second to none in the world in terms of colorants, and that is where our consistency comes in, which our customers greatly appreciate. We use double milling and a patented filtration process. Then we subject our products to a battery of QC tests before we ship it to our customers. From batch to batch, our customers don’t have to change a thing on press. All of this effort is a little costlier, but we won’t give up quality.”

Another key driver for ISC America is excellent service. As a former printer, Mr. Mueller understands the importance of service.

“We made our reputation on quick service and turnaround,” he said. “Our policy is that we will never let a customer shut down. When a customer is on press and needs to get a job out with special colors, we’ll get it to them 24/7. There’s nothing worse than when a press shuts down, as it costs between $700 to $1,000 an hour when a press runs idle. I was a printer, and I have been in the position of being shut down, and I always made sure I was supplied by people with the same philosophy we have.”

ISC America also prides itself on its commitment to the environment. Within three years of opening in Wood Dale in 1994, ISC America was ready to expand out west, opening a new plant in Commerce, CA. It was a move that proved beneficial as the company developed new environmentally friendly products for the market.

“When we made our move to California, we realized that we had to meet tougher environmental standards, and it made good sense to implement these requirements throughout our company,” Mr. Mueller said. “All of our products are eco-friendly, and we continue to make a product that has one of the lowest VOC contents in the marketplace.”

Mr. Mueller noted that ISC America enjoyed good growth in 2007, and is looking ahead to navigating the rough times in 2008 by sticking to three basic sales principles.

“For us, there are three phases in sales,” Mr. Mueller said. “You hold the business you have, grow the business that you hold, and add new business. And if you adhere to these three principles, you will grow whether it is good times or lean times. We are coming up with a new high-volume sales campaign. As the market dictates it, we can offer bulk pricing because we move product in by the container. We are all going through rough economic times, but we will be staying in the marketplace.”

Ultimately, ISC America’s dedication to all of its customers leads to its success in the marketplace. “We deal with individuals with the same dedication and respect, whether they order 5 pounds or 1,000 pounds,” Mr. Mueller concluded. “We are dedicated to the well being of our customer base and our employees. Our parent company has that principle, and we have that same dedication. As our customers succeed, we will succeed.”

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