Top 25 Chinese Ink Manufacturers

By Sel Avci | 01.04.08

Top 25 Chinese Ink Manufacturers

1. Tianjin Toyo Ink Co., Ltd.
2. Hangzhou TOKA Ink Chemical Co., Ltd.
3. Taiyuan Coates Lorilleux Inks Chemical Ltd.
4. Zhejiang Yongzai Chemical Co. Ltd.
5. Shenzhen-DIC Co.
6. Shanghai Peony Printing lnk Co.,Ltd.
7. Shanghai DIC Ink Co., Ltd.
8. Shenzhen Coates Lorilleux Inks Chemical Ltd.
9. Yip's Ink & Chemicals (Zhongshan) Co.
10. Yip's Ink & Chemicals (Shanghai) Co.
11. Shanghai Si-Lian Industrial General Company
12. Coates (GuangZhou) PRC Limited 
13. Tercel Ink Group
14. Zhongshan DIC Colour Co., Ltd.
15. Flint Ink (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.
16. Zhuhai Letong chemical products Co.,Ltd.
17. Shunde Jinglong Ink Chemical Co.,Ltd.
18. Zhaoqing Tianlong Ink & Chemical Co. Ltd.
19. ShanXi JingHua Science and Industrial Trade Co., Ltd.     
20 Tianjin Angel Chemicals Group Co., Ltd.
21 Zhejiang Neweast Ink Co.
22 Siegwerk Shanghai Ink Co.,Ltd.
23 Taiyo Ink (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
24 Jiangmen Toyo Ink Co. Ltd.
25 XSYS Print Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd.  06

1. Tianjin Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. 

Brand: Tianshi
Address: 12 Second Spru Track, Xinghua Road, Xiqing Economic Development Zone, Tianjin
Postcode: 300385
Tel: +86-22 2397 3966
Fax: +86-22 2396 1697
E-mail: info@tjtoyoink.com.cn
Website: www.tjtoyoink.com.cn

Comments: Tianjin Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. is a large-sized ink manufacturing company set up by Tianjin Ink Company and Toyo Ink Manufacture Co. with 54,500,000 US dollar registration capital. The company is devoted to manufacturing and selling various printing ink, organic paint, grease for ink, all kinds of ink additives and ink painting manufacturing equipment. Tianshi ink has been awarded color standard licenses by Pantane Inc. and Apple Company of USA.

2. Hangzhou TOKA Ink Chemical Co., Ltd.

Brand: Huangzhou TOKA
Address: 390 Dengyun Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Tel: +86-571 8809 2947
Fax: +86-571 8818 3278
E-mail: hhczwb@mail.hz.zj.cn
Website: www.hhink.com

Comments: Hangzhou TOKA Ink Chemical Co. Ltd., jointly established by Hangzhou Acresnicipal Industrial Assets Managing Co. Ltd., China and T&K TOKA Ltd., Japan, with a total investment of 22,250,000 US dollars, was put into regular production in the late 1991. Now the annual production capacity is 15,000 tons. Besides improving the quality of normal products such as various lithographic ink, rotary offset ink, plastic gravure ink and paper gravure ink, Hangzhou TOKA has paid more attention to bring into play its special technical advantages to develop and manufacture various products that meet the trends of the era, products with high quality and no pollution, namely UV curing printing ink, water flexography printing Ink and water-based varnish, among others.

3. Taiyuan Coates Lorilleux Inks Chemical Ltd.

Brand: Coates Ink
Address: 230 Donggang Road, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province
Postcode: 030012
Tel: +86-351 429 2184
Fax: +86-351 429 4539
E-mail: tclxsb@neswink.com.cn
Website: www.newsink.com.cn

Comments; Taiyuan Coates Lorilleux Inks Chemical Ltd. is a joint venture by Taiyuan Ink Company and Coates Lorilleux Chemical Ltd., which was put into production in February 1994.
Taiyuan Ink Company (Chinese side), founded in August 1949, has always been a set news ink  manufacturing company by the Light Industrial Ministry. In 1984 and 1988, it has won twice the highest quality award for national news ink, the National Silver Award. In January 2001, Taiyuan Coates Lorilleux Inks Chemical Ltd. has become a member of Japan DIC and USA Sun Chemical ink group.

4. Zhejiang Yongzai Chemical Co. Ltd.

Brand: Yongzai
Address: Yongzai Industry Park, Pujing Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province
Postcode: 322200
Tel: +86-579 413 1258
Fax: +86-579 413 1222
E-mail: yongzai@yongzai.com
Website: www.yongzai.com

Comments: Zhejiang Yongzai Chemical Co. has been developing printing ink and ink resin. It uses the most advanced manufacturing equipment in China and introduces fully automatic production control system from USA Tolid Company.  With an annual output of 20,000 tons of printing ink and 20,000 tons of ink resin, the company has become a main production base for printing ink and ink resin in China. The company has a large number of customers and has its own rights to export products to Southeast Asia, middle Asia, Australia and America. For consecutive years, the production and sale of ink rank the top 10 among Chinese ink enterprises.

5. Shenzhen-DIC Co.

Brand: Peacock
Address: 1035 Nanshan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City
Postcode: 518052
Tel: +86-755 2643 2333
Fax: +86-755 2664 0133
E-mail: dicsz@dicsz.com
Website: www.dicsz.com

Comments: Shenzhen-DIC Co. is a comprehensive ink manufacturer affiliated with DIC. It was set up in 1985 and put into production in 1987.  Centered in Guongdong, Shenzhen-DIC serves all south China regions.  Using high quality material and advanced ink manufacturing techniques introduced from Japan, Shenzhen-DIC is devoted to the production and selling of lithographic ink, rotary ink, UV ink, gravure ink and other special inks.

6. Shanghai Peony Printing lnk Co.,Ltd.

Brand: Peony


1340 Gulang Road, Taopu Industrial Zone, Shanghai
Postcode: 200331
Tel: +86-21 6250 6860


+86-21 6250 5508

E-mail: service@peonyink.com
Website: www.peonyink.com

Comments: Shanghai Peony Printing Ink Co., Ltd. is the largest-scale domestic professional manufacturer in the field of printing ink and textile coating with the total investment of RMB 250 million. As a company with 90 years manufacturing technologies and experience, it introduces world-class equipment to realize the manufacturing, measuring and development of the products. It is the largest lithographic offset printing ink manufacturer and hold 80% of the south China market, with the hope of expanding its northern market.  It is also one of the few large size ink manufacturers without foreign fund. By cooperating with SICPA before 2000, its managerial expertise and quality service can equal that of Huanghua and Toyo.

7. Shanghai DIC Ink Co., Ltd.

Brand: DIC
Address: 3888 Humin Road,cShanghai
Postcode: 201108
Tel: +86-21 6489 0688
Fax: +86-21 6489 5842
E-mail: webmaster@chinaste.com
Website: www.shdic.com.cn

Comments: Shanghai DIC Ink Co., Ltd. (Shanghai DIC), is a joint venture of the Shanghai Zijiang Group and Dainippon Ink and Chemicals, Inc. (DIC), with investment of 13.76 million US dollar.
Shanghai DIC has adopted the advanced technologies including testing methods and production processes of DIC Japan, the largest ink manufacturer worldwide, and introduced the most advanced ink manufacturing and testing equipment from Japan, Switzerland, German, and USA. Shanghai DIC is able to produce all types of high quality inks and coatings such as sheetfed and heatset web offset inks, gravure and flexo inks for different substrates, overprint varnishes, adhesives, wood finishes, metal decorating inks, can coatings, etc. These products are being made locally and are replacing imported products.

8. Yip's Ink & Chemicals (Zhongshan) Co.

Brand: Bauhinia


Shunjing Industrial Zone, Banfu Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province
Tel: +86-760 650 2232
Fax:+86-760 650 1884


Comments; Yip's Ink & Chemicals (Zhongshan) Co. is an affiliated company fully funded by Hong Kong Yip’s Chemical Group. The company produces its leading brand “Bauhinia” ink (lithographic, gravure) which was supplied to internal large size harbor, Taiwan printing and packaging enterprises, exported to Southeast Asia and European and American markets. “Bauhinia” ink is well renowned in the market for its excellent property and outstanding sale. In 2005 the sale of plastic gravure ink first exceeded 20,000 tons. With the increasing environment protection demand on printing and packaging market, Yip’s has paid more attention to the development of environmentally-protective ink and is the first to use an independent non-benzene pipeline manufacturing process.

9. Shenzhen Coates Lorilleux Inks Chemical Ltd.

Brand: Coates
Address: N0.0300 Huilong Road Huilongpu Village Longgang Town Longgang District, Shenzhen City
Postcode: 518172
Tel: +86-755 28941153
Fax: +86-755 28941099
E-mail: scljfhb@neswink.com.cn
Website: www.newsink.com.cn

Comments: On Nov. 6, 2002, Shenzhen Coates Lorilleux Inks Chemical Ltd. was set up with an investment of 80,000,000 RMB. The factory is modern, completely closed and automatized.

10. Yip's Ink & Chemicals (Shanghai) Co.

Brand: Bauhinia
Address: Maojiajiao village, Zhonggu Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai
Postcode: 201706
Tel: +86-21 59785985
Fax: +86-21 59785960
Website: www.yipsink.com

Comments: Yip's Ink & Chemicals (Shanghai) Co. is affiliated to Yip’s Hengchang Group listed in Hong Kong. It is a modern high-tech ink manufacturer with advanced manufacture equipment and experiment instruments. Its annual output is above 4,000 tons.

11. Shanghai Si-Lian Industrial General Company

Brand: Si-Lian


220 Jiugan Road, Sijing Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Post Code:201601
Tel: +86-21 5762 0097
Fax:+86-21 5761 1198


Comments; Shanghai Si-Lian Industrial General Company is a comprehensive company that mainly produces printing ink, fiber coating, organic color, dye midbody, chemical reagent, composite resin and various supporting products such as vehicles, coloring and printing additives. The company is technology supported, equipped with experienced technicians and a number of high-level engineers who enjoy renown in the industry.

12. Coates (GuangZhou) PRC Limited

Brand: Coates Ink


77 2ed Xinzhuang Road, Yonghe Economic Zone, Guangzhou Economic&technique Development Zone, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
Post Code:511356
Tel: +86-20 3222 3200
Fax:+86-20 3222 3201


Comments: Coates (GuangZhou) PRC Limited was set up in June,1994 with 10 million US dollars registration capital. In April 1996 the China Region Technical Centre was set up, which keeps close contact with the international technical center of the group. The new plant of Guangzhou Coates covers more than 20,000 square meters, including prefect product manufacturing plant, technique service and quality supervision department as well as a safe and advanced warehouse.

13. Tercel Ink Group

Brand: Y3,Lifute,Duofute
Address: 100 South Shuangta Road, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province
Postcode: 030031
Tel: +86 351 7087424
Fax: +86 351 7055270
E-mail: info@xyink.com    
Website: www.xyink.com

Comments: Tercel Ink Group is made up of five professional ink producers: Shanxi Tercel Ink Industry Ltd., Beijing Tercel Rainbow Ink Ltd., Jiangxi Tercel Ink Ltd., Tanyuan Printing and Ink Ltd. and Luoyang Bailinwei Ink Ltd. . Tercel Ink Group purchases materials worldwide and uses advanced unique technique and recipes, thus ensuring their ink reaches internationally-advanced levels.

14. Zhongshan DIC Colour Co., Ltd.

Brand: DIC
Address:  No. 2 Industrial Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province
Postcode: 528400
Tel: +86-760 665 5822
Fax: +86-760 665 5824
Website: www.zsdic.com.cn

Comments: Zhongshan DIC Colour Co., Ltd was set up in May, 22, 1997 with 41,700,000 Hong Kong dollar registration capital and covers 42,000 square meters. Its main products are: composite plastic coloring granules,  printing color plasma, bond, and bond for special purpose and varnish for natural leather.

15. Flint Ink (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.

Brand: Flint


1 Guangping Road, Daxing Industrial Development Zone, Beijing
Tel: +86-10-61274500


Comments: Flint Ink (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. was put to use in April, 2004 with 5,000,000 US dollar registration capital and a total investment of 7,000,000 US dollar. The annual output is about 6,500 tons. The company uses environmentally friendly solvent-based ink with American and British techniques.  Flint Beijing ink is of bright color, low consumption and high printing product.

16. Zhuhai Letong chemical products Co.,Ltd.

Brand: Letong Ink


Guantang Industrial Zone, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province
Tel: +86-756 338 3338
Fax:+86-756 338 3339


Comments; Zhuhai Letong Chemical Products Co.,Ltd. is a joint venture high-tech enterprise that is devoted to the production of various printing ink and related paint. The company has introduced advanced manufacturing and testing equipment from Europe, America and Japan, chosen excellent material, developed and produced independently various middle and high level ink, UV ink, powder paint and plastic paint. The annual sale capacity has reached above 10,000 tons.

17. Shunde Jinglong Ink Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Brand: Jinlong Ink


Shunfeng Economic Zone, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Tel: +86-757 26667789
Fax:+86-757 22291201


Comments: Shunde Jinglong Ink Chemical Co.,Ltd. is one of the 100 best high and new tech enterprises in China. It is devoted to developing and producing high-level ink and painting. The company takes the lead in introducing advanced technology and equipment and has the production capacity of 80,000 tons. The company is listed as one of the 500 largest enterprises in China and ranks front in the industry. It is also responsible for the industry standard for Chinese plastic composite ink.

18. Zhaoqing Tianlong Ink & Chemical Co. Ltd

Brand: Tianlong


Xiaoxiang Economic Development Zone, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province
Postcode: 526000
Tel: +86-758 828 8888
Fax: +86-758 828 8499




Comments: Zhaoqing Tianlong Ink & Chemical Co. Ltd was set up 1993, covering an area of more than 33,000 square meters. The “Tianlong” water flexo gravure ink it produced is widely used in printing of paper package surface printings such as kraftpaper, non-paint news, whiteboard  paper and greyboard  paper. The company is one of the five production bases of “Tianlong Ink," which sets up more than 100 distribution place in the country.

19. ShanXi JingHua Science and Industrial Trade Co., Ltd.

Brand: Eagle


New&high Road, New&high Tech Development Zone, Taiyuan City, Shanxi province
Postcode: 030000
Tel: +86-351 702 4522
Fax: +86-351 702 1088




Comments: ShanXi Jinhua Science and Industrial Trade Co., Ltd. is an enterprise producing high level liquid ink. Its main products are gravure printing plastic ink, gravure gold news ink, gravure news box ink, UV silk net ink, IT ink, etc. The gravure gold (silver) ink is the first in China and owns innovation property right; its performance reached the standard of foreign products. It has been awarded the new product prize of “the ninth five plan”. The company now is developing IT ink (computer printing ink, spray and drawing ink).

20. Tianjin Angel Chemicals Group Co., Ltd.

Brand: Angel
Address: 9 Chilu Road, Dongli District, Tianjin
Postcode: 300300
Tel: +86-22 8478 3830
Fax: +86-22 8478 3658
E-mail: postmaster@angel-ink.cn
Website: www.angelchem.com

Comments: Tianjin Angel Chemicals Group Co., Ltd. covers the land of 150 acres. The main business scope is all kinds of printing ink, coating, pigment, resin, synthetic detergent and chemical raw materials. The main product of Tianjin Angel Chemicals Group Co., the “Angel” brand printing ink, sells to more than 50 countries and regions in the workd. The market share of backbone products in the company, offset print single news ink, offset print roller newsink, solvent-based ink, C12/14 tertiary amine and C16/18 tertiary amine, has raised year by year.

21. Zhejiang Neweast Ink Co.

Brand: Neweast
Address: 101 Huangjiao Road, Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province
Postcode: 318020
Tel: +86-576 427 5712
Fax: +86-576 427 5927
E-mail: fjj@chinaneweast.com
Website: www.chinaneweast.com

Comments: Zhejiang Neweast Ink Co. was set up in 1983 and passed the ISO 9001 quality authentation in 2001. It owns the right to import and export. The company introduced gravure ink production line and product testing equipment from Buhler of Switzerland, Lehmann of German and Minolta of Japan. Its annual output of plastic gravure ink, polyurethanes adhesion and PCB light sensation ink are 8,000 tons, 10,000 tons and 3,000 tons respectively. Some products have passed American UL, SGS authentication. The company has become the general agent for Pantone in China.

22. Siegwerk Shanghai Ink Co.,Ltd.

Brand: Siegwerk
Address: 689 Shenfu Road, Minxing District, Shanghai
Postcode: 201108
Tel: +86 21 5442 3689
Fax: +86 21 5442 4689
E-mail: info@siegwerk.com
Website: http://siegwerk.b2b.hc360.com/

Comments: Siegwerk Shanghai Ink Co.,Ltd. was set up in April, 2000. it is located in Xinzhuang Industrial Zone of Shanghai, covering 20,283 square meters, and has 150 employees. At present, the annual production is 5,000 tons, focusing on various water-based and solvent-based inks, UV ink and concerned product, which are suited for cigarette package printing.

23.Taiyo Ink (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Brand: Taiyo
Address: 26 Taishan Road, New District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Postcode: 215129
Tel: +86-512 6665 5550
Fax: +86-512 6665 5002
E-mail: w_dong@taiyoink.com.cn
Website: http://ffqlzj15599.b2b.hc360.com/

Comments: Taiyo Ink (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.  was set up in 2002 by 3 billion yen investment of Japan Taiyo. It mainly produces light resistance ink, with an annual production of 3,000 tons. The factory is the fourth overseas plant of Taiyo Ink after plants in the U.S., South Korea and Taiwan.

24. Jiangmen Toyo Ink Co. Ltd

Brand: Toyo
Address: 32-33 West Longwan Road, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province
Tel: +86-750 353 2618
Fax: +86-750 355 8265
E-mail: sales@jm-toyoink.com
Website: www.jm-toyoink.com

Comments: Jiangmen Toyo Ink Co. Ltd is an ink manufacturer jointly owned by Jiangmen Ink Chemical Ltd. Co. and Toyo Ink Manufacturing Ltd. It is located in Baishalong Bay, Jiangmen City.
The main products include:  surface printing,  inner screen composite ink,  steam resistance ink, non-toluene ink, silk screen printing ink, tin-plate ink, metal paint and polyamine resin, bond, etc.. The company uses technology of Toyo Ink, and Jiangmen Toyo has passed the quality certificate of Guangdong Organization authentation and ISO9001:2000.

25. XSYS Print Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd.



1st floor in Workshop 4, 99 2535 Lane, Gudai Road, Minxing District, Shanghai
Postcode: 201100
Tel: +86 21 54887001
Fax: +86 21 54887006
E-mail: Bob.Zhang@xsys-printsolutions.com
Website: www.yja.com.cn/ComPany/About8C7D28D22F127AE4.html

Comments: XSYS Print Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd. was founded in Shanghai in 2000. It mainly serves the northern market in China, while at the same time, it set up training center which until now owns equipment that can design,  draw and print, serving as the exhibit center of Asia-Pacific region.
The main products currently in China are: flexo water printing ink, flexo UV printing ink, gravure UV printing ink, rotary offset UV ink, rotary silk screen UV ink, various varnishes and ingredients.