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Megaink Develops Environmentally-Friendly BioMG Ink

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 06.15.09

Megaink Develops Environmentally-Friendly BioMG Ink

Environmental concerns are becoming an increasingly important driver throughout the industry, and companies are searching for ways to help protect the environment. For ink manufacturers, developing “greener” products is a key focus for R&D.

Megaink has taken the idea of “green” products a step further as it launches BioMG, its revolutionary new bio ink. A leader in developing inks for large-format printers, Megaink has developed a renewable resources-based ink for Mimaki and Roland printers. By the beginning of next year, these inks will be available to all wide and super-wide format printers that Megaink offers in its product portfolio.

Made from renewable sources rather than traditional chemical solvents, BioMG Inks bring a new element of environmentalism to the ink industry.

“There is a global need to minimize the environmental impact of inks, from the chemicals required to produce them, through to their end use,” said Omar Baez, vice president of operations for Megaink USA. “In addition to ozone issues from conventional solvent-based ink emissions, there is a need to limit potential health and safety issues for workers using these inks. BioMG Inks are advantageous in that they are environmentally friendly and under stringent testing, have proved to be notable for UV resistance, to be scratch and alcohol resistant, and to have a less abrasive odor than traditional solvent-based inks.”

“We are extremely excited to be successfully bringing a bio ink product to the market,” Avi Bukai, Megaink’s director of business development, said. “This is a truly unique product which is unlike others that have been tried before, and we are confident that as soon as users have a chance to try the product they will be convinced not only that this is a positive direction for the industry, but that BioMG Inks are superior to others in their category.”

Megaink was established by Mr. Bukai, a printing industry expert who worked previously with Scitex and NUR Macroprinters, and Andrej Keblusek, former owner of one of the largest printing companies in Central Europe. Since its founding six years ago, Megaink has become a world leader in the development and manufacturing of solvent-based inks for the wide and super-wide digital printing industries. Though the company is based in the Czech Republic, Megaink’s strong presence in North America led to the opening of its Hollywood, FL-based office in June 2005.

Megaink has mastered a new approach of “Material Science” and engineering, providing a unique market approach: each type of ink that Megaink manufactures is specially developed for specific printers, creating perfect compatibility between the ink type and printer model, resulting in overall best print quality results, lower maintenance, higher productivity and significant savings. Megaink’s staff is comprised of technicians who are certified on all major printers and RIPS. Megaink’s inks sport substantial advantages including enhanced color gamuts, stronger media adhesion, higher pigment density, longer shelf life and increased outdoor longevity.

Mr. Baez said the reception to the BioMG Inks has been excellent.

“Though we just recently introduced the market to these inks, we are already receiving outstanding feedback from those who have had a chance to work with BioMG Inks,” said Mr. Baez. “ We have even been getting a lot of requests from environmental event organizers to use our inks for printing their billboards and advertisements, which fits in well with their efforts to reduce environmental damage.”

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