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Sawgrass Technologies Offers High-Tech Solutions

By Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor | 12.03.09

Sawgrass Technologies is a high performance chemical company that develops market solutions for digital printing technology. Sawgrass sets itself apart by combining leading-edge digital ink products with color management software to deliver high quality color printing of personalized and customized images onto a wide variety of surfaces.

“Sawgrass is first and foremost a company that focuses on research and development based on the needs of the end-user,” said Bob Keller, senior director of operations at Sawgrass. “Comprehensive solutions are developed by listening to the market and derived from feedback. By staying in touch with the customer, Sawgrass continues to bring successful, innovative, ground breaking technology to the market.”

Sawgrass Technologies was founded in 1988 by Nathan Hale, CEO/president. The company produces a number of innovative inks including inks for sublimation, inks for direct-to-garment printing and ink and transfer media for cotton transfers.

Sawgrass Technologies’ inks can be used on a wide variety of substrates including decorated apparel, signage, POP display, promotional products such as key chains and mugs, textiles for banners and flags and sporting goods such as skis and snowboards.

“Our first product was HyColor, the first hybrid thermal ribbon which works on color wax thermal printers,” said Mr. Keller. “This was the only viable digital color printing technology in 1990. SubliJet, first introduced in the mid-90s, took digital sublimation printing to inkjet printers for both desktop and wide format printing. This made it easy for customers to produce full color graphics on a wide variety of substrates. SubliJet XL was released a couple of years later for expanded outdoor life and the latest generation of our inkjet solution, SubliJet IQ, brought enhanced color and advanced printability to the market in 2003. In 2004 Sawgrass acquired Tropical Graphics, supplier of ArTainium sublimation inks, and bought manufacturing and production of ArTainium inks in-house. That year, we also opened our first European office, Sawgrass Europe in the UK.”

In 2002, Sawgrass introduced the Natura Digital Apparel System for decorating cotton garments. “We formulated the ink and in 2005 introduced NaturaLink inks for direct-to-garment printers,” said Mr. Keller. “Our latest innovation is ChromaBlast ink, software and media solutions for Epson printers.”

According to Mr. Keller, the basis for the company’s success is its ability to not only provide innovative inks, but also comprehensive color matching software and training, combined with exceptional customer service.

“Fundamental to our success is the ability to operate as a seamless resource, providing an ever-expanding array of solutions, leading-edge technology and premier client services,” said Mr. Keller.“We have learned it is not enough to develop revolutionary inks–there must be a customer-driven solution approach to product development. As a result, we provide complementary products and services such as color management software, technical support and performance guarantee. The goal is to make it simple for the user, yet allow them to build a profitable business around the technology.”

“Sawgrass also focuses on the commitment of both training and technical support,” Mr. Keller continued. “This is the foundation of our PartnerPlus program. Partner Plus is a comprehensive user support system that provides users with not only color management software and training, but also technical support and product warranty.”

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