Jeanette Truncellito receives NAPIM's Pioneer Award

By Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor | 10.16.09

After 27 years at Sun Chemical, Jeannette Truncellito, director of the company’s packaging ink technology laboratory, was presented with a Pioneer Award

After 27 years at Sun Chemical, Jeannette Truncellito, director of the company’s packaging ink technology laboratory, was presented with a Pioneer Award from the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM).

During those 27 years, Ms. Truncellito has certainly left her mark on the industry, started as a lab trainee at Sun Chemical after graduating college.

“After graduating from Montclair State University, I was looking for a job,” said Ms. Truncellito. “A friend, Doug Bills, worked for Sun Chemical at that time, and he told about the company’s technical training program. I applied, was hired and began as a lab trainee in August 1976. On Aug. 9, I celebrated 27 years of continuous employment with Sun Chemical.”

Since joining Sun Chemical in 1976, Ms. Truncellito has been involved with development of both publication and packaging gravure inks. In 1984, she was named research associate responsible for training and support service, and in 1991, she became Sun Chemical’s technical manager, liquid ink research in 1991. She is now director of Sun’s packaging ink technology laboratory in Carlstadt, responsible for the development of liquid inks for lamination and heat-resistant applications.

Ms. Truncellito has also been a leading spokesperson for the ink industry for both the National Printing Ink Research Institute (NPIRI) and packaging converting industry affairs. She was a moderator at the NPIRI Technical Conference for two years and is co-chair of the 2003 Technical Conference. She has been a speaker at the New York Printing Ink Production Club and at several industry associations, including the Flexo Technical Association (FTA), the Gravure Association of America (GAA) and TAPPI, and has served on the board of the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA).

A Dynamic Industry

The ink industry is constantly changing, and Ms. Truncellito noted that Sun always encouraged its employees to continue their education.

“Sun Chemical has always emphasized and created an environment for continuous learning and personal development,” Ms. Truncellito said. “I, like other Sun employees, have been afforded numerous opportunities to continue my education, as well as participate in industry-related courses and conferences.

“Our industry is dynamic and continues to respond to the needs for innovation in all market segments,” said Ms. Truncellito. “I think our industry has been responsive and challenged by consumers, end-users and converters in all applications. We are a sophisticated industry which relies on many disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, engineering and materials science. Innovation and developments in each of these areas have promoted our industry.”

Ms. Truncellito said that together, the individual and the company provide the means to success.

“I believe the keys to success in this industry depend largely on a company’s culture, an individual’s drive and diversity,” noted Ms. Truncellito. “Additional initiatives are finding wide acceptance in our industry such as Six Sigma, TQM and Continuous Improvement. I believe programs such as these have contributed to our growth and success.”

Ms. Truncellito considers herself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest people in the ink industry.

“I was fortunate throughout the years to be associated with many wonderful teachers and mentors,” said Ms. Truncellito. “I was able to work with several of the industry’s most notable ink and printing specialists, like Bob Bassemir.”

Ms. Truncellito’s enthusiasm and abilities are very apparent to her colleagues as well.

“Jeannette brings an attitude of complete professionalism to every assignment that she undertakes,” said Dr. John Rooney, Sun Chemical’s vice president of technology. “The Pioneer Award recognizes that dedication to our industry that Jeanette has shown in leading a number of research and training initiatives over the years. We are proud to have Jeannette as a colleague in Sun Chemical Corporation.”

“Jeanette is truly a creative and innovative technician who develops new solutions for the industry,” said Wes Lucas, chairman, CEO and president of Sun Chemical. “She is truly deserving of the Pioneer Award.”

“Jeannette has brought a customer focus to the lab by developing new products and solutions for our customers,” added Michael Murphy, Sun Chemical’s senior vice president and president, North American Inks. “I’m excited she has received this honor because she does not do research just for research’s sake, but she and her staff go out and experience what our customers need and design solutions.”

Plans for the Future

Clearly, Ms. Truncellito gets much satisfaction from her work in the ink industry. “When John Rooney, vice president of technology, informed me of the award I was surprised, honored and grateful,” said Ms. Truncellito. “It’s especially nice to be recognized and honored for being a part of an industry like ours and for doing something that I really like.”

Ms. Truncellito added that she is looking forward to continuing her work at Sun Chemical.

“I very much enjoy working for Sun Chemical and being a part of this industry and plan on continuing my career in the technology area. I still have many more years left to work and I can’t think of a better industry or company with which to be associated,” Ms. Truncellito concluded.