Top Companies Report

21. DYO Printing Inks Manufacturing and Trade A.S.


Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, Section 5
Hasan Turek Boulevard, No: 6
45030, Manisa
Phone: +90 236 226 5000
Fax: +90 236 226 5110

Sales: $56 million.

Major Products: Coldset, heatset and UV inks for newspapers and magazines; sheetfed inks; solvent- and water-based flexographic and gravure printing inks; metallic inks; metal decoration inks; overprint varnishes; fountain solution additives; printing additives and press cleaning auxiliaries; additives for solvent- and water-based inks, solvent- and water-based lacquers; metal decoration base coats, gold and silver lacquers and printing aids; and dry and wet offset Invisible Inks series.

Key Personnel: Ahmet Yigitbasi, president, Coatings; Yakup Benli, general manager, DYO Printing Inks; Engin Kurt, sales director; Rafet Ozbay, financial director; Ozlem Yaylali, HR director; Kerem Sezer, marketing manager.

Number of Employees: 203.
Established in 1968 as the first company producing printing inks in Turkey, DYO Printing Inks caters primarily to the needs of the Turkish printing, packaging and press sectors, and production takes place in high technology facilities while the core values of quality and efficiency are upheld. 2013 was a better year for DYO Printing Inks, with sales increased by 16% to $56 million.
“There were some key elements that have contributed to this growth,” said Yakup Benli, general manager, DYO Printing Inks. “First of all, we went the extra mile to provide high quality products and outstanding services to our customers. We prioritized offering solutions to our customers’ needs as the first task of our company, instead of maximizing revenue.
“One of the most important buying criteria of our customers was the technical support that they would require from DYO,” Benli noted. “In order to satisfy this demand, we delivered on-site technical trainings to over 800 technical staff of more than 40 print shops and packaging firms in 2013 alone. As a result, our clients were able to increase their knowledge on uses of inks, improved color making and printing skills, and thus, achieved higher yields.
“Second, DYO Printing Inks possesses one of the strongest R&D departments in its local industry,” Benli added. “Through relentless search for better quality and more efficient products, we were able to create value for our industry. Last, but not the least, we continued to deliver PSO – Fogra consultancy services to the local sheetfed offset industry. By doing so, we support print shops on improving their print and post-print procedures to achieve higher qualities, which in return will increase total quality awareness at our industry. In 2013, we have successfully assisted two very large sheetfed offset print shops on PSO – Fogra Certificates.”
DYO Printing Inks operates Color Production Units in Istanbul and Ankara, in addition to the main plant located in Manisa. It serves its customers through sales offices in four cities and 42 dealers in various parts of Turkey. DYO has also established a production unit in Krasnodar, Russia.
DYO is among the largest printing ink producers in the region, exporting products to more than 15 countries.
“As a part of our international vision, we have been working to further reinforce our position in our target markets and promote our brand to represent Turkey in various industry events and trade fairs,” Benli noted. “We make a difference with our products, following new trends, printing technologies and industrial requirements in the sector, in line with the needs of our customers. We are investing in R&D and innovation with the aim of maintaining our leading role and leadership in the future of our sector.”
Digital printing inks are achieving a larger market share in the sheetfed offset industry. This trend is leading sheetfed printers to add one or two digital printers next to their conventional offset printing machines, and DYO is there to help their customers as well.
“It is possible to say that this trend will continue as long as digital printing machines are able to increase their speed and efficiencies that conventional offset printing machines can currently offer,” Benli said. “As a part of our long-term vision and strategy, we initiated our R&D efforts on digital printing inks. As it is the case around the globe, in Turkey too, digital printing systems are increasing their weight in print shops. We have been working on various types of inks to serve customers with different preferences. We are confident that our new line will carry on traditional DYO quality and they will surpass the expectations of our customers.”
Benli noted that 2013 was a year in which DYO was successful in advancement of innovation, technical development and differentiation, adding new flexo and gravure, metal deco, sheetfed and UV web offset inks.
“Since our company possesses R&D departments for all segments that it serves, it was possible to concentrate on customers’ demands and create new solutions,” he added. “Knowing the importance of R&D in our industry, we have strengthened our R&D group through new personnel recruitments.”
In personnel news, Benli joined DYO as general manager in July 2013, succeeding Irfan Cimen, who retired after successfully leading the organization for more than 25 years. Benli previously worked at global corrugated sheet manufacturers for many years and brings a fresh perspective, energy and better understanding of the needs of corrugated sheet industry, which is a large portion of the company’s turnover.
DYO also completed a number of important capital projects during the past year, including its new manufacturing facility in Egypt.
“The most important capital investment project that was initiated in 2013 was building a manufacturing site in Egypt,” Benli said. “In combination with DYO Paints Manufacturing Company, a sister company in construction, marine, automotive, wood and industrial paint production, DYO Printing Inks has started to build a manufacturing plant in Cairo, Egypt. The project is estimated to be completed by the end of 2014. From there on, the African continent and the southern part of the Middle East will be served from this facility, which will assist DYO to better penetrate these markets.
DYO also utilized the expertise and know-how that was created at Yasar University, a sister organization under its holding company, Yasar. DYO and Yasar University started and completed various projects in production, supply-chain, marketing and other operational tasks.
“We will continue to invest in order to strengthen our market position in the industry and focus on creating values for our business partners and customers, based on our approach, prioritizing continuous development and productivity in our manufacturing operations,” Benli concluded.