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16 Superior Printing Ink


16 Superior Printing Ink
100 North St.
Teterboro, NJ 07608-1202
Phone: (201) 478-5600
Fax: (201) 478-5650

Sales: $60 million.

Major Products: Lithographic inks varnishes and coatings for conventional, waterless and UV applications; flexographic inks for water-based and UV applications; inkjet inks; gravure inks.
Key Personnel: Jeffrey I. Simons, chairman, CEO and president; Harold Rubin, CFO; James La Rocca, COO; Peter Nunez, VP, finance & administration.
Number of Employees: 230.
Operating Facilities: Fifteen branches and 15 in-plant facilities. The company operates facilities through Gotham Ink and Color operations (New York and Massachusetts) and Spinks Ink (Chicago) subsidiaries.
Comments: For Superior Printing Ink, 2013 was a solid year, as a strong fourth quarter paved the way for overall growth as well as a renewed optimism for 2014.

“For Superior Printing Ink, 2013 was a tough year, ending with a positive fourth quarter,” said COO James La Rocca. “Our company did experience growth, primarily with our newer product offerings. The product segments with the most growth are UV offset and flexo. We also had good results with a new conventional lithographic process ink we went to market with last year.

“The majority of our customers’ businesses remained level as far as we can tell,” La Rocca added. “Our growth, in addition to the few customers who did grow, was due to us getting a larger percentage of their business than in previous years.”

While some ink manufacturers are cutting back on capital expenditures, Superior Ink is upgrading its operations with an eye on improving efficiency.

“We added some new packaging equipment early in the year, and we began a capital improvement project at our Central Manufacturing Facility late last year,” La Rocca said. “Both of these investments will have a positive impact on productivity, quality and the consistency of our inks. Additionally, we purchased laboratory equipment that’s necessary for the development and testing of another new ink product we expect to enter the market with toward the end of 2014.”

La Rocca said that with its new products and improvements in its operations, Superior Printing Ink is optimistic as it continues into 2014.

“Greater emphasis on marketing some of our new products and changing the way we do some things that are traditionally not changed makes my outlook for 2014 and beyond a positive one,” La Rocca concluded.