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10 Toyo Ink America, LLC


10 Toyo Ink America, LLC
1225 N. Michael Drive
Wood Dale, IL 60191
Phone: (866) 969-8696
Fax: (630) 628-1769
Sales: $105 million.
Major Products: Sheetfed and web offset inks; UV and EB inks; conventional and UV waterless offset; solvent- and water-based gravure inks; solvent- and water-based flexo inks; digital inks; toner; inkjet inks; pressure sensitive adhesives and special function coatings; and plastic colorants.

Hideki (Jeff) Okaich
Key Personnel: Toyo Ink America, LLC: Hideki (Jeff) Okaichi, CEO; John Copeland, president/COO; Masa Nagatsubo, GM, liquid ink sector; Joseph Sentendrey, GM, PSA sector; Mike Keegan, sales management, paste ink; Darren Oakes, sales management, liquid ink; Joseph Sentendrey, sales management, PSA; Kevin Garland, sales management, pigment sales. LioChem: Naoto (Nick) Sumiya, president; Hudson Moody, GM, colorants division; Terry Hall, GM, gravure division. Advanced Materials Division: Kotaro (Kody) Osato, sales management.
Comments: Toyo Ink America, LLC enjoyed a solid year in 2013, as the company showing growth in key markets and investing in new products and a new East Coast manufacturing plant.

John Copeland, president and COO of Toyo Ink America, LLC, said that Toyo Ink America made some progress in several areas.

John Copeland
“Despite a declining commercial printing market, Toyo Ink America’s commercial ink business grew,” Copeland said. “We had strong sales growth in several business segments, including conventional offset at 5%, energy curable sales well over 25% and increasing digital ink sales along with some of our specialty products. Energy curable inks for offset and flexo grew very nicely in 2013. There is more interest in the market place for high quality printing in this segment. We also have a number of exciting things happening with some of our other product lines. Toyo Ink America enjoyed the interest of many companies for our products and quality in 2013.”

Copeland noted that for the most part, Toyo Ink America’s customers had good years in 2013, which had a positive impact on Toyo Ink America.

“In terms of where are customers were, our packaging customers were solid and steady, commercial customers were steady but cautious,” Copeland said. “The economy still seems to be on edge for many of our customers, but we are all hoping for a bright 2014.”
Toyo Ink America continues to invest in its operations, with the centerpiece being its new manufacturing plant in Carlstadt, NJ.

“Although in some ways 2013 was very challenging, we are excited at some of the changes within our company and the new location for the East Coast,” said Copeland. “As the company evolves, we are focusing more on the individual business units this year. We will open a new 70,000 square foot facility in Carlstadt, NJ, towards the end of the summer. This will house manufacturing of paste, liquid and digital inks as well as R&D laboratories and some of our corporate offices.”

For the most part, raw materials costs and supply continued to stabilize.
“Raw materials were fairly stable with a few exceptions in the pigments, photoinitiators and resins areas,” Copeland noted. “Our concerns for 2014 are alkali blues and resins.”

With an eye on the company’s growth, Hideki (Jeff) Okaichi, Toyo Ink America, LLC’s CEO, said that 2014 will be a milestone year for the Toyo Ink Group.

“Our mid-term management plan is called ‘SCC2017,’ Okaichi said. “The SCC slogan is defined as ‘Science Company Change.’ We started SCC 2017 from 2007 during our 100th year anniversary, and that was divided by three years for each stage, so 2014 is the beginning of the last stage and important for the sprint to our final goal. By advanced technology and the continuous innovation of group networks, we aim to be a corporate group creating new values for various human cultures throughout the world with the various people in the world. Along this line, Toyo Ink America will focus to create new value for customers and markets by our highly developed products in 2014.”