Top Companies Report

4. Sakata INX Corp.


4. Sakata INX Corp.
1-23-37 Edobori, Nishi-Ku
Osaka 550-0002 Japan
Phone: +81-6-6447-5847
Fax: +81-6-6447-5849

Sales: $1.413 billion (¥112,538 million in printing ink and graphic arts); $1.501 billion (¥119,571 million) consolidated.

Major Products: Commercial offset, sheetfed, heatset, and newspaper offset inks; gravure inks for flexible packaging; flexo inks for corrugated carton and paper bag; metal decorating inks; UV/EB inks and varnishes; inks for inkjet printers; and toners.

Key Personnel: Hirotsugu Takamaru, president; Masanori Kano, senior managing director; Yoshiaki Uesaka, senior managing director; Kotaro Morita, managing director; Naohisa Yasui, managing director.
Number of Employees: 3,385 (consolidated basis); 794 (non-consolidated basis).

Comments: Sakata INX enjoyed slight growth in 2011, with its ink and graphic arts sales increasing 0.6 percent to ¥112,538 million ($1.413 billion). Overall, the company grew 1.6 percent to ¥119,571 million ($1.501 billion).

“Total sales for Sakata Inx Corp. in 2011 were above the previous year by 1.6 percent, due to the sales increase of printing ink, mainly in Asia,” said Kotaro Morita, managing director of Sakata INX Corp. and chairman of INX International Ink Company, Sakata INX’s U.S. subsidiary. “The operating income in 2011 was below the previous year. Sales quantity has increased, but we delayed the price revision and we were unable to absorb the raw material cost increases.”

Mr. Morita noted that while the offset ink market declined in developed countries, packaging inks remained strong, particularly in Asia.

“In developed countries, the offset printing and printing ink markets shrunk due to the diversification of media and the demand decrease of advertisements caused by the economic downturn,” Mr. Morita said. “On the other hand, the package printing ink market continued to be strong mostly in Asia, due to booming demand.

“The key market continues to be Asia, especially with gravure packaging ink as a main product that has expanded in India, Indonesia and Vietnam,” Mr. Morita added.

With an eye on the growing Asia-Pacific and European markets, Sakata INX is adding capacity in those regions.

“We have almost completed expanding our offset and packaging gravure ink production capacity in Asia,” Mr. Morita said. “We also broke ground on our new manufacturing facility in the UK, and expect it to be open in 2013.”

During the past year, Sakata INX added to its product portfolio of inks as well as digital equipment.

“We introduce highly cost effective inks every year to meet our customers’ requirements,” Mr. Morita noted. “INX International also introduced the NW140 narrow web digital press with inline cutter and a full line of Low Migration inks for packaging. We will also introduce safe, environmentally friendly inks to meet market requirements for food packaging inks.”