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15 SICPA Securink Corporation


15 SICPA Securink Corporation
SICPA Product Security LLC
8000 Research Way
Springfield, VA 22153
Phone: (703) 455-8050
Fax: (703) 450-4518

Total Sales: $60 million (Ink World estimate).

Major Products: Proprietary security inks for intaglio, offset, screen, flexo , gravure and inkjet security printing applications. Providers of integrated and customized security and compliance solutions for brand protection.

Key Personnel: Jim Bonhivert, CEO and president; Tom Jay, VP of sales and marketing; Tom Classick, technical director.

Number of Employees: Approximately 150.

Operating Facilities: Springfield, VA; Fort Worth, TX; Carol Stream, IL; Vaudreuil-Dorian, Quebec.

Comments: The need to provide security measures for documents and consumer brands is of critical importance in the face of counterfeiting and terrorism, and ink plays a major role in such security features.

For SICPA S.A., the Lausanne, Switzerland-based printing ink manufacturer, security ink is its lifeblood. SICPA is the global leader in providing inks for currency and sensitive documents, and has leveraged its R&D expertise into the field of brand security. With worldwide sales of $400 million during 2011, SICPA S.A. provides security inks for the majority of the world’s currencies.

SICPA Securink Corporation, SICPA S.A.’s North American subsidiary, is the predominant security ink manufacturer in North America, with its inks appearing on currency and security documents as well as packaging of value. In terms of U.S. currency, SICPA’s color-shifting Optically Variable Ink (OVI) has played an important role in reducing counterfeiting, and the company’s R&D expertise has been essential in developing innovative inks in cooperation with its parent company and its high-tech suppliers, combined with excellent technical support.

Brand protection is an increasingly important field, and SICPA offers expertise in developing integrated systems for authentication and secure supply chain. SICPA manages the California and Massachusetts counterfeit-resistant tobacco tax stamp programs, and is also in a joint venture with Canadian Bank Note Company on the Canadian tobacco stamp program.

In September 2010, SICPA acquired Meyercord Revenue Inc., a specialist in stamping machines and ancillary equipment for tax stamp programs, from Illinois Tool Works Inc. This acquisition is paying off; in June 2011, Meyercord introduced FUSON OASIS, a new excise tax stamp solution to help curtail counterfeiting of excise tax stamps and to enable state governments to more effectively collect owed tobacco excise taxes. The next-generation, heat-transfer system includes new overt and covert security features, including proprietary color shifting ink and both short- and long-wave fluorescent inks in the watermark, adding complexity and cost to counterfeiting attempts.