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10 Toyo Ink America, LLC


10 Toyo Ink America, LLC
1225 N. Michael Dr.
Wood Dale, IL 60191
Phone: 866-969-8696
Fax: 630-628-1769

Sales: $102 million.

Major Products: Sheetfed and web offset inks; UV and EB inks; conventional and UV waterless offset; solvent- and water-based gravure inks; solvent- and water-based flexo inks; digital inks; toner; inkjet inks; pressure sensitive adhesives and special function coatings; and plastic colorants.

Key Personnel: Toyo Ink International: Hideki Okaichi, president and CEO. Toyo Ink America: John Copeland, division president/COO, printing ink division; Hideki Ohba, GM, paste ink sector; Jim Newkirk, GM, liquid ink sector. Toyo Ink Mfg. America: Yasuo Koga, president; Koji Ueno, GM. LioChem: Kazuhito Nakano, president; Hudson Moody, GM, colorants division; Terry Hall, GM, gravure division.

Comments: Toyo Ink America, LLC, had a good year in 2011, enjoying better than expected growth while opening up its new state-of-the-art headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Wood Dale, IL.

“Our business in 2011 fared better than 2010,” said John Copeland, division president/COO, printing ink division for Toyo Ink America, LLC. “Despite a sluggish economy, we ended the year with better growth than anticipated, double-digit in energy curable products.”

For Toyo Ink America, energy curing and packaging are areas that offer excellent opportunities, while the commercial sheetfed market remains challenging.

“For Toyo Ink America, the major growth areas were packaging and energy curable solutions,” Mr. Copeland said. “We were particularly strong in solvent- and water-based inks for flexible packaging and sheetfed inks for folding carton.

“Package printing is more stable than the commercial side, which continues to be soft,” Mr. Copeland added. “Demand for energy curable solutions is up, as customers continue to increase efficiency and productivity in the workflow. UV and EB can also help create special effects that differentiate printed products. In a slow economy, customers seek to differentiate themselves by offering unique effects to help draw new business.”

In the summer of 2011, Toyo Ink America relocated its headquarters to a more spacious location in Wood Dale, IL. The new headquarters provides Toyo Ink America with the ability to continue its R&D work as well as its growth throughout the Americas. At the new site, Toyo Ink America produces and develops water- and solvent-based liquid inks, offset and UV inks and coatings, primarily targeting the flexible packaging, folding carton, bag, foil and label printing markets.

“The new facility dramatically boosts our production and technical support capability by affording room for new equipment, an expanded R&D laboratory and an increase in sales and technical staff,” Mr. Copeland said. “As our customer base continues to expand in North and South America, a more spacious and versatile work space was needed in order to better support our customers as well as facilitate our future growth.

“Our goal is to be the leader in product innovation and quality,” Mr. Copeland added. “The relocation to a larger facility is the latest commitment we’ve made in leveraging our manufacturing, development and support expertise to grow our packaging business in the Americas. It provides us with the resources necessary to respond to our increasing customer base in the Americas and the immediate need to bring our growing lineup of customized packaging and commercial print solutions to the global marketplace.”

Also in 2011, Hideki Okaichi was appointed as Toyo Ink America, LLC’s new chairman and CEO. He will soon succeed Mamoru Sasajima as president of Toyo Ink International Corp., the holding company for the U.S. operations of the Toyo Ink Group. Mr. Sasajima will return to Japan this spring to a yet-to-be-disclosed position.

Mr. Copeland noted that Toyo Ink America was active at trade shows, and received good responses from attendees.

“The Toyo Ink Group had good showings at Info Flex and Pack Expo trade shows,”Mr. Copeland added. “We had very good responses from quality visitors and new leads generated at both events. With the merging of Toyo’s liquid and paste ink businesses in 2010, there was tremendous interest in our expanded product lines and in the company in general.”

While the latter part of 2012 saw a general improvement in raw material costs and supply, there remain key ingredients that are volatile.

“Overall, raw materials and supply have stabilized, but we still see sharp price fluctuations and supply shortages in materials such as violet and titanium dioxide pigments, resulting in increased costs and higher finished product prices,” Mr. Copeland said.

Overall, Mr. Copeland anticipates steady growth in 2012.

“Based on recent economic indicators, the U.S. economy looks to improve in 2012,” Mr. Copeland noted. “The growth of the printing industry will mirror that of the general economy. As such, growth within the industry is expected to be slow and steady.”