Top Companies Report

14. Van Son Holland Ink


888 Veterans Highway, Suite 440
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Phone: (631) 715-7000
Fax: (631) 715-7026

Sales: $65 million.

Major Products: Conventional offset, waterless offset and duplicator inks. 

Key Personnel: Joe Bendowski, CEO; John Sammis, president; John Bendowski, vice president; Ken Ferguson, technical director. 

Number of Employees: 100.

Operating Facilities: Headquarters and manufacturing in Islandia, NY, a central distribution center in Chicago and blending facilities in Miami, FL, and Los Angeles, CA.

Comments: The commercial sheetfed printing market has been heavily impacted in recent years, and sheetfed ink suppliers have been challenged to redefine their approach. Van Son Holland Ink realized many years ago that its core market, the smaller offset printer, was shrinking, and the company aggressively moved toward the medium-sized printers.

It has proved to be a good decision. With its Vs ink and a new distribution model that focused on brining in regional ink manufactures and graphic arts distributors to sell and service its inks, Van Son has been able to succeed in this ever-changing market.

For us, 2010 was not so bad,” said Joe Bendowski, Van Son Holland Ink’s CEO. “We saw some growth, which is important in these times.

“We are still moving up market,” Mr. Bendowski added. “Years ago, our entire company was focused on the small offset market, and even years after we have moved our focus to the medium-sized commercial printers, we are still finding opportunities in the mid-sized printers. We still use the Vs distribution model, as we are working with eight ink companies who distribute our inks and service our customers, and we have graphic arts distributors working with us as well.”

Van Son Holland Ink continues to develop new Vs inks. “The Vs series is our flagship line, and we have added Vs9 UV sheetfed inks as well as Vs1 XS, our extra strength inks,” Mr. Bendowski said.

Unlike most ink manufacturers, Van Son Holland Ink was adding facilities. The company opened new blending operations in Miami, FL, and Los Angeles, CA, in order to better serve customers in those regions.

“We opened new mixing facilities in Miami and Los Angeles, and we have other target cities on our radar,” Mr. Bendowski said. “You need to be close to the commercial printers. This allows us to service our customers in these regions better, such as providing spot colors in a timely manner.”

The company also announced two key promotions: John Sammis, formerly vice president, sales and marketing, was named president. John Bendowski, who previously was national sales manager, was promoted to vice president.

“They both have come through the ranks and have driven our success in our commercial business,” Mr. Bendowski noted. “They both have solid reputations among our distribution partners as well as our commercial customers.”

Mr. Bendowski said that raw material supply and pricing is a major concern.

“Raw materials are a serious issue,” Mr. Bendowski said. “We have issued price increases and continue to search the world for raw materials. I’m happy that most ink companies are being responsible enough to pass the higher raw material prices along because the ink industry can’t survive if we don’t.” 
All in all, Mr. Bendowski is optimistic about 2011.

“I tend to be a positive person,” Mr. Bendowski said. “I have a good feeling. Our momentum is continuing and I see an uptick in the industry. We are seeing more activity at our customers, and they are adding shifts and uncovering presses.”