Top Companies Report

14. Nazdar


8501 Hedge Lane Road
Shawnee, KS 66227-3290
Phone: (913) 422-1888
Fax: (913) 422-2296

Sales: $65 million (and more than $100 million in ink sales, equipment and supplies, Ink World estimate). 

Major Products: Screen printing, digital and narrow web inks, including conventional, UV and water-based.

Key Personnel: J. Jeffrey Thrall, CEO; Mike Fox, president; Richard Bowles, VP, GM; Phil McGugan, VP, global sales and marketing; Mike McGowan, VP and technical director; Jim Davidson, VP, global operations; Mike Harjung, VP narrow web business unit.

Operating Facilities: Five in the U.S., UK, Singapore and Mexico.

Comments: Coming off of the global recession that impacted the printing industry in so many ways, 2010 brought better news to the printing and ink industries. Such is the case with Nazdar, which saw growth in its core markets of screen printing and digital while also making inroads in narrow web.

“For Nazdar, 2010 was a significant improvement over 2009, in which we enjoyed growth in all product sectors and all geographies,” said Phil McGugan, Nazdar’s vice president, global sales and marketing. “Part of our growth into 2010 was no doubt due to economic recovery, but in addition to this, there was extensive market share growth.

“Our growth has been on product front and geographical sector,” Mr. McGugan added. “Our digital market growth was a large part of our success in 2010 and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. We also saw healthy growth in our narrow web program and sales to the industrial screen market were buoyant. We also experienced significant growth in all our international markets.”

The digital and narrow web markets were particular highlights, according to Mr. McGugan, as were the gains made outside of North America. He noted that Nazdar continued its rapid growth in the digital ink market, both solvent and UV, wide and grand format. He added that Nazdar’s expansion in Europe, Asia and South America continued at a fast pace, as did the company’s growth in the narrow web market.

Mr. McGugan noted that Nazdar was able to navigate its way through the raw material price increases that are impacting the ink industry.

“We, like most others, experienced some raw material supply issues during the year,” Mr. McGugan reported. “However, we managed our way through these issues and continue to both monitor and search for alternative raw materials.”

Mr. McGugan said he expects to see a continuation of the success seen by Nazdar in 2010.

“We have strengthened our market presence in Europe, South America and Asia Pacific with personnel domiciled in each region,” Mr. McGugan said. “We continue to expand our digital ink and narrow web offerings, and still see great opportunities for sales expansion in the screen print market.”