Top Companies Report

15. Sanchez SA de CV


Oriente 171 # 367
México City, Mexico
Phone: +52 55 5118 1000
Fax: +52 55 5118 1090
Sales: $114 million (inks); $158 million overall.

Major Products: Offset, flexo, gravure and screen inks and overprint varnishes; offset plates, pressroom chemicals and offset presses.

Key Personnel: Ernesto J. Sanchez, managing director; Jose Sanchez, commercial director (paste inks); Miguel Talamantes, commercial director (liquid inks); Jesus McKelligan, operations director; Salvador Duran, technical manager (paste inks); Agustin Lozano, technical manager (liquid inks).
Number of Employees: 1,100.

Comments: For Sanchez SA de CV, the leading ink manufacturer in Mexico, 2009 was a challenging year, although the company saw improvement at the end of the year, and notably, opened up subsidiaries in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

“Considering the international and national crisis, Sanchez did quite well during 2009,” said Ernesto J. Sanchez, managing director of Sanchez SA de CV. “The Mexican economy decreased 6.5 percent while our sales in kilos suffered a decline of only 1.8 percent.”

As was the case in the U.S., packaging ink fared better than the publication ink side.

“The editorial market suffered the most during the crisis, while customers in the packaging business seemed to survive the slowdown of the economy better,” Mr. Sanchez noted. “By the end of the year, things seemed to improve, although we expect to see the end of the recession by mid-2010. Our main concern could be the delay in the comeback of the economy, or in particular, the decline of the newspaper and magazine markets, which have suffered the most.”

Sanchez SA de CV continues to make gains throughout the Central America region, opening up Tintas Sanchez Guatemala SA, in Guatemala City in Guatemala and a soon-to-be-launched subsidiary in Costa Rica, which should help spur further growth.

“At the end of last year, we opened our subsidiary in Guatemala, which is showing good results right from the beginning, and right now we are a few days away from opening our subsidiary in Costa Rica,” Mr. Sanchez said. “With our own companies in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala, we will have full coverage of the Central America region.”

All in all, Mr. Sanchez anticipates a strong year in 2010, although raw material costs will be a concern. “In 2010 the recovery has begun, although at a slower pace than expected,” Mr. Sanchez said. “We are seeing good signs of recovery in the market, and the return of some of the volume lost during 2009.”