Supplier's Corner

Suppliers Corner


Saint-Gobain ZirPro

Launches Zirmil.2

Saint-Gobain ZirPro recently launched its Zirmil.2, a yttria stabilized zirconia media belonging to the ceramic bead range including ER120, Rimax and ZirStar. Zirmil.2 offers a more cost effective solution by improving product performance. ZirMil.2 features a higher density, tight size distribution specification and improved sphericity. Due to unique manufacturing processing, Zirmil.2 offers, for the first time, the potential to fill standard milling machines, and can be used for inks, paint and pigments. More info: Saint-Gobain ZirPro, +44 1270 87 9024; e-mail:; web:

JDSU Offers ChromaFlair
ColorShift Glitter Pigments

JDSU now offers ChromaFlair ColorShift glitter pigments. Created using the same thin film technology as its ChromaFlair pigments, ChromaFlair ColorShift glitter gives paint, coatings, plastics, textiles and packaging the ability to exhibit a wide range of hues when viewed at different angles. Depending on the angle at which it is viewed and the angle of the incident light, each glitter flake produces dramatic color shifts achievable even in low-light conditions. The pigments are easy to apply, sand and repair and can be combined with conventional pigments for custom colors. More info: JDSU, (707) 525-7007; fax: (707) 525-7533; web:

Inksolutions Introduces
SA-1193 Anti-Misting Additive

Inksolutions has introduced a new anti-misting additive. SA-1193 anti-misting additives is able to achieve low misting without the negative side effects typical of amines and other commonly used additives. SA-1193 can be used in sheetfed, heatset, UV and hybrid lithographic inks. More info: Inksolutions, (847) 593-5200.