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Suppliers Corner


Cytec Launches Energy Curable Polyester Acrylate For Flexographic Inks

Cytec Industries has launched Ebecryl 453 UV/EB curable resin for the production of flexographic inks designed for emerging applications in filmic packaging, folding cartons and narrow web tag and label printing.        

Ebecryl 453 is a modified polyester acrylate that provides good pigment wetting and fast cure response. Flexographic inks based on the new acrylate display excellent ink transfer and rheology, good color development, good hardness and solvent resistance, and are characterized by high scratch resistance.
More info: Cytec Industries, (973) 357-3193, (800) 652-6013; e-mail:; or via the web:

Rahn Introduces Genorad 21 For UV Metallic Inks

Rahn has launched Genorad 21, the latest product in the Genorad line of in-can stabilizers. Genorad 21 is specially designed for use in UV-curable metallic inks.
Stability issues with UV metallic inks have long been a problem for formulators. With its unique chemistry, Genorad 21 greatly widens the scope for in-can stabilization of UV metallic inks without affecting cure speed. More info: Rahn +41 44 315 42 00; fax: +41 44 312 42 65; e-mail: energy; or on the web:

Tego Introduces Dispers 655

Tego Coating Additives and Specialty Resins has introduced Dispers 655 for the production of APE-free universal pigment concentrates. This dispersant is suitable for water, solvent and radiation-curable formulations. Dispers 655 is effective in wetting and stabilizing inorganic and organic pigments in water-based architectural coatings, wood coatings and wood stains, as well as inorganic pigments and extender pigments in radiation-curable systems.
Dispers 655 allows for high pigment loading, reduces mill base viscosity while maintaining excellent rheology and imparts long-term shelf stability. It is suitable for dispersing transparent iron oxides and in pulping and stabilization  of aluminum pigments. Dispers 655, a 100% active polyether with pigment affinic groups, is added to grind before dispersions. It will remain stable un storage up to 12 months in closed 25 kg and 200 kg containers.
More info: Tego Coating Additives and Specialty Resins, (804) 541-8658, (800) 446-1809; fax: (804) 5416290; web:

Union Process Develops Updated Literature CD

Union Process has developed a new mini-CD containing updated literature on its entire line of grinding mills. In addition to including PDF files of the company’s corporate brochure and product brochures covering the Union Process line of attritors and small media mills, the new CD also includes technical papers and articles providing additional insight into the equipment. Also included on the CD is literature on grinding media, equipment refurbishing and a particle size distribution chart.  
More info: Union Process: (330) 929-3333; e-mail:; web:

Bühler Offers MicroMedia Bead Mill for Nanogrinding

Bühler has launched its newly developed MicroMedia P2-C commercial-scale machine size as a full ceramic design. The MicroMedia bead mill has been designed for the reliable application of micropearls with diameters ranging from 300 microns down to 20 microns.
The new MicroMedia P2-C is equipped with a drive power up to 30 kilowatts. As all the dimensions and ratios relevant to the dispersion or grinding process have been maintained constant, ideal conditions are obtained for a linear scale-up from the machine size P1. In a wide range of operating parameters and adjusted product viscosities, recirculation throughputs of 1000 liters per hour and more can be achieved. To prevent any metallic contamination, the rotor and stator components are made as standard from a highly wear-resistant special ceramic material with excellent thermal conducting properties.     
Thanks to the resulting outstanding cooling efficiency, it is possible if required to process even formulations with thermally sensitive components into top quality grades on the basis of a high power density using micropearls.
More info: Bühler AG, +41 71 955 11 11; fax: +41 71 955 38 51; web:

Portable Electronic Tank Gauging Thermometers from Gardco

Gardco offers TP-2C and TP-5C portable electronic tank gauging thermometers. These thermometers have a sealed, heavy gauge powder-coated aluminum enclosure which protects the circuit board and large LCD from penetration by impact, water and reactive liquids. The power button powers the instrument for intervals of approximately 20 minutes and can also be used to conserve power and clear the memory, or to make adjustments while in calibration mode.
A simple menu operation is displayed by holding the function button  and allows for adjustments in the calibration mode. At the user’s discretion, stabilized temperatures can be logged at numerous liquid levels for a running average and later displayed for the user’s documenting purposes.
More info: Paul N. Gardner Company, (954) 946-9454; fax: ((954) 946-9309; via e-mail:; or through the web: