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Lubrizol Launches Solsperse 78000


Hyperdispersant for energy-cured flexographic and offset printing ink

The Lubrizol Corporation has introduced Solsperse 78000, an advanced polymeric dispersant for energy-cured flexographic and offset inks in the printing ink industry.

Solsperse 78000 provides improved print gloss and optical density, superior mill base viscosity, and increased color strength. Its launch adds a significant component to Lubrizol’s range of performance products for the graphic arts industry.

“This is a notable move forward for energy-cured ink technology,” said Rich Bradley, graphic arts market manager for Lubrizol. “We are constantly working to address our customers’ requirements, delivering technological solutions that will allow products to perform better. Solsperse 78000 will make a strong and positive difference in the industry.”

Solsperse 78000 enhances the dispersion of high-performance pigments and carbon black when gloss and density are critical in the printing process. The improved dispersion provides optimum optical density, reduced haze and excellent print gloss.

The new hyperdispersant also improves the viscosity characteristics of Newtonian (flexographic) inks, allowing for higher levels of pigmentation. Viscosity remains nearly constant across a typical shear rate.

Solsperse 78000 is suitable for dispersing difficult to stabilize high performance organic pigments – including isoindolinone yellow, quinacridone red/magenta, and dioxazine violet – in both flexographic and offset printing applications. It is supplied 40% active dissolved in ethoxylated TMPTA. Further, it is the appropriate choice for the right mix of viscosity and color development for higher pigmentation in finer-line printing.

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