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New Products Launched in the Metallic Pigment Market

By Bridget Klebaur, Associate Editor | 07.31.14

Several companies introduce new products to the metallic market, including energy curable inks

There are several companies that have introduced new products recently in the metallic market.
Vashti Jagmohan; product manager/marketing communications at ECKART America, said that ECKART has introduced several new energy curable products to the market, including METALSTAR UV 21-2061-2066 Golds and METALSTAR EB 2051-2056 Golds, ROTOSTAR GX 81-41005 shrink Silver
“These are two series of Pantone gold inks with improved lithographic press performance for small- to –mid format offset presses,” said Jagmohan. “These are HDDA free and do not contain raw materials on the Nestla exclusion list. These products also show improved printability, dot fidelity, and excellent pigment transfer and optimum coverage.
‘ROTOSTAR GX 81-41005 shrink Silver has excellent brilliance, coverage and shrink properties with up to 40% shrink,’ Jagmohan added. “Designed for printing on PVC, Pet-G and OPS shrink substrates; this ink creates clean metallic colors when blended with organic toners.”
Aaron Hollman, global product manager – effect pigments, Sun Chemical Performance Pigments, said that Sun Chemical has released Benda-Lutz 6262, which is a fine non-leafing aluminum paste designed for solvent-based flexographic and gravure printing.
“Available in a variety of carrier solvents, Benda-Lutz 6262 provides a smooth metallic effect, excellent rub resistance and outstanding coverage at reduced pigment to binder ratios,” Hollman said.
Sun Chemical also released Benda-Lutz SPLENDAL 6003, an ultra-smooth vacuum metallized aluminum pigment slurry for premium flexographic and gravure applications.
“SPLENDAL 6003 is characterized by a pronounced dark chrome, mirror-like effect that is ideally suited for metallized board replacement and other high end packaging inks,” Hollman added.
BASF will shortly introduce a new VMP metallic in an acrylate carrier. This offers extremely high reflectivity and when formulated into a final ink, can be printed by screen and flexo.
New Brook has recently released bronze pigment OP 3000. This pigment is especially noteworthy for its brilliance and shine. This development was market driven in the bronze space and they are receiving positive feedback from our customers
“Our focus is on developing metallics with brighter and mirror like effects at affordable prices, that is, less than VMP type pigments,” Ron Levi of New Brook International said. “One such example is the introduction of AVL Metal Powder’s bronze powder OP 3000 which exhibits a brilliant, gold leaf effect.”