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Emphasis on Service Spurs Printing Ink Partners’ Growth

By David Savastano, Editor | 05.30.13

In 2005, Printing Ink Partners (PiP), a water-based flexo and gravure ink and coatings specialist, opened its doors in Middletown, OH. Placing an emphasis on customer service - the company’s motto is “Today’s Technology and Yesterday’s Service – Printing Ink Partners has enjoyed steady growth during the past eight years.

As a result, Printing Ink Partners has outgrown its original headquarters, and recently moved into a larger facility in Middletown, down the street from its old facility. The new site has double the manufacturing capacity of the former headquarters. PiP will be able to provide its customers with superior product development, testing and color matching services.

Brian Hinderer, a co-founder and president of Printing Ink Partners, said that quality, service and technology are the key drivers of PiP’s rapid expansion.

“We are skilled formulators, experienced problem solvers and focused 100% on adding value to our customers,” Mr. Hinderer said. “Once we become someone's ink supplier, whether we have 100% of the business or just one gallon, we're committed to their success. Our growth can be attributed to our consistent quality, our commitment to our customers, and new ink technology.

“Our reputation for quality and service has opened new doors, and we've earned business by developing inks using the latest ink chemistries,” Mr. Hinderer added.

Printing Ink Partners’ markets include paper and board inks, film and foil, tag and label, corrugated, primers, overprints and functional coatings.

“Our focus is on water-based packaging inks for flexo and gravure,” Mr. Hinderer said. “Our superior inks, developed using the latest ink chemistries, and ability to provide consistent color make us an ideal partner for film and foil printers. Our very short lead times are invaluable to our tag and label and corrugated printers. The speed and success rate of our product development lab makes us a key supplier for rapidly growing printers and innovative packaging companies.”

PiP is constantly innovating, which helps the company reach new markets.

“We continue to delve into new markets, and most recently introduced a new envelope ink system that performs exceptionally well,” Mr. Hinderer added. “It adds yet another segment of printers that can benefit from our quality, service and technology.”

Outside of increasing manufacturing capacity, PiP’s new facilities offer numerous advantages.

“We're expanding our R&D lab to add more support to our current product development capabilities,” Mr. Hinderer said. “This will allow us to bring new products to market faster, giving our customers a strategic advantage. We're also adding systems to better track customer data and provide real time information to our sales, operations and technical personnel. All the new space and equipment will improve our ability to serve our customers and develop new products.”

With its emphasis on new products and services, PiP is well positioned for further growth in the coming years.

“Our outlook is good,” Mr. Hinderer said. “We have several new products in the pipeline and have expanded into other packaging ink markets. Our growing portfolio of products will help printers succeed, and our ability to quickly deal with challenges makes us a valuable partner to our customers. I expect that as we grow, we will have more opportunities to demonstrate the value of having a Printing Ink Partner, not just a printing ink supplier.”

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