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With New Facility, INX Looks to Expand Presence in Metal Deco Market

By David Savastano, Ink World Editor | 03.22.12

Through the years, INX International Ink has become the clear North America leader in the metal deco ink market, offering excellent technology and service in all of the can segments. Because the beverage can market is global, INX is called upon worldwide to supply its inks to its customers.

In 1992, INX International Ink and its parent company, Sakata INX, opened its first UK operations, INX International UK Ltd., in Transpennine Trading Estate in Rochdale. Over the years, demand for INX’s beverage can inks throughout Europe and the Middle East have grown, and now the time has come for INX to move into new facilities. The company has selected a site in Hareshill Business Park, Heywood; when completed in 2013, the new 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility will be 75 percent larger than the present one.

Jonathan Ellaby, vice president of international operations for INX International Ink Co., noted that demand from customers is on the rise, and the new facility will allow INX to meet their customers’ needs while also developing new technologies.

“We have outgrown the capacity in our current space. We need more equipment in order to keep up with the demand,” Mr. Ellaby said, adding that the new facility will have better product flow through production, which allows the company to improve manufacturing efficiency. “Not only will the new facility allow us to continue our growth in energy cure, but it will give us the opportunity to do more local R&D. There’s also automated batch weighing and a larger lab space area, and we will now have room for the bulk storage of major raw materials.”

Mr. Ellaby said that INX’s customers utilize a wide range of technologies, from the beverage cans to the product labels, which INX will be able to produce for them at its Heywood site.

“The key segments are primarily inks for the two-piece beer and beverage can market, but we have expanded into flat sheet, three-piece inks that are both conventional and UV, as well as UV flexo label and UV offset inks,” Mr. Ellaby noted.

The metal deco market is a mainstay for INX. Mr. Ellaby noted that the new Heywood site is evidence that INX will continue to dedicate its resources to their customers.

“It is of paramount importance to INX because metal deco allowed us entry into Europe,” Mr. Ellaby said. “The construction of this facility represents our commitment to the metal deco market.”

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