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NAPIM's Annual NPIRI Summer Course Offers Wealth of Information

By Kerry Pianoforte, Ink World Associate Editor | 03.12.10

The 49th annual NPIRI Summer Course, which will be held by the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM)from July 11-16 at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI, will again be offered in a modular format. The Summer Course features three modules, offering attendees of all experience levels both classroom and hands-on instruction.

Liquid Module – July 11-14

This module begins on Sunday evening and continues through all day Wednesday (which is an overlapping day for both liquid and paste). It will also include equipment demonstrations, laboratories and press sessions on corrugated, narrow and wide web flexo presses.

Highlights of the Liquid Module:
• Liquid Ink Printing Processes
• Water, Solvent and Energy Curable Raw Materials
• Liquid Ink Formulation
• Proofing and QC Testing
• Interactive Flexographic Press Demonstrations
• Substrates for Packaging Applications
• Flexographic Plate Making and Mounting on Press
• Non-impact Printing Processes

Paste Module – July 13-16

This module begins on Tuesday evening and continues through Friday afternoon. Equipment demonstrations, laboratories and press sessions will complement the formal lectures.

Highlights of the Paste Module:
• Paste Ink Printing Processes
• Conventional and Energy Curable Raw Materials
• Offset Prepress
• Interactive Offset Press Demonstration
• Substrates – Paper Properties and Printability
• Fountain Solutions and Press Room Chemicals
• Formulating Paste Inks and Vehicles
• Paste Ink Testing
• Viscosity Demonstration
• Printability and Proofing Demonstration
• Paper Mill Tour

Combined Modules – July 11-16

The combined Printing Ink Technology Course includes both the Liquid Ink and Paste Ink modules Sunday evening through Friday afternoon.

Highlights of the Combined Modules:
• Principles of Rheology
• Organic, Inorganic, Black, White and Special Effect Pigments
• Principles of Dispersion and Measurement
• Color Theory and Measurement

The NPIRI Summer Course offers attendees a good mix of technical and troubleshooting tips and formulation.

“The NPIRI Summer Course has long been regarded as the premier training course for those interested in learning about printing ink technology,” said Jim Coleman, executive director, NAPIM. “No other course offers the in-depth coverage by industry experts of all types of printing inks. Those new and not-so-new to the printing ink industry have found this course interesting, informative and valuable.”

Lisa Fine of Joules Angstrom UV Printing Inks Corp. has been an instructor at the Summer Course for the past 19 years, and says it offers a wealth of information for both teacher and student.

“I have been teaching Principles of Dispersions for the past 19 years,” Ms. Fine said. “The reason I teach this course is because I like to be able to give something back to the industry. It’s fun to get out and see the up-and-coming people in the industry. Teaching the class also helps me to learn too. When teaching this course, you need to make sure you have all your facts straight. It’s a great way to solidify your knowledge.”