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Flint Group Publishes 'Guide to Best Practice for Print' of Food Packaging


To support its customers in placing safe product packages on the market, Flint Group has designed a brochure titled “Food Packaging: A Guide to Best Practice for Print,” which is now available in several languages.
“The guide has been developed based on Flint Group’s long-lasting experience in the food packaging segment, which has been a key market for Flint Group for decades,” explained Jens Zimmermann, director, Flint Group global marketing, packaging and narrow web.
“This compendium gives an overview of the macro issues related to food packaging regulations and provides printers and packaging converters with a sound understanding of the issues that can arise through the interaction of the printed package with the packaged food,” Mr. Zimmermann added. “It also includes practical checklists and recommendations that can help to promote best practices in printing of food packaging.”